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Our most popular science packets include Earth Science Unit, a Study of Cells, Biology Unit, Digestive System Unit, States of Matter, Simple Machines, Human Body Systems, Skeletal System Unit, Ocean Unit, Physical and Chemical States of Matter, Electricity and Circuits (STEM) Unit, and more. Our science units are generally between $4.00 and $7.00 and range in length from 20 to 70 pages.  Almost all of our units include hands-on activities.

Our most popular history packets include our Civics and Government Unit, Age of Exploration Unit, Causes of the American Revolution Unit, Middle Ages: Feudalism Packet, and World Facts Packet. Our history packets are generally around $4.00.

Our most popular spelling packets include the ow ou oi oy au aw Spelling Sort and Games, the Long A and Long I Spelling Sort and Games, and the /r/ Sound Spelling Sort and Games.  Our spelling materials are generally around $2.50-4.00.

Math Packets: We have two addition packets including the Pet Packet and Pirate Packet. And we have a large selection of multiplication packets.  Our multiplication packet bundle (of all 10 pdfs, 175+ pages) has been quite popular. Each packet contains lots of skip counting practice, multiplication problems, and games to learn the multiplication tables from the 2s through the 9s.

We have hundreds of free resources available here at our website… from World Religions packets, to grammar practice sheets (our apostrophe sheets and comma rules worksheets are very popular!). Plus, there are dozens of math games and math worksheets too (the skip-counting pages and Minecraft-themed math sheets are pretty popular!).  Not to mention many of our popular science packets–Rocks and Minerals, Weather, the Layers of the Atmosphere and more.  This page has some of the packets that you can purchase.

Wondering which units to purchase for your __ Grade student? Check out this link: New to Our Blog? Start Here for lots of helpful resources including free resource guides grade-by-grade.

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Our packets are pdf digital downloads.  You’ll receive a download link almost immediately in an email sent to your PayPal email address from SendOwl the service I use. :)

Science Units:

(Scroll down below for larger images and descriptions of each unit.)

Homeschool Science UnitsDon’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.

  $4.00 Earth Science Unit

  $3.50 Simple Machines Unit

  $4.00 States of Matter Packet (see bundle option)

  $4.00 Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter Unit (see bundle option) Matter: Elements, Compounds, Mixtures;   Organization of the Periodic Table;   Molecular vs. Structural Formulas;   Describing Matter: Physical and Chemical Properties;   Density Activities – Mass÷Volume;   Mixtures: Solutions, Colloids and Suspensions

  $6.00 BUNDLE OPTION: States of Matter Packet and Properties of Matter Packet

  $4.50 Electricity and Circuits STEM Unit

  $7.00 BUNDLE OPTION: Properties of Matter Packet and Electricity and Circuits STEM Unit

  $3.50 A Study of Cells Unit

  $2.50 Human Body Systems

  $4.00 Skeleton Worksheet Packet

  $4.00 Digestive System

  $4.75 Circulatory System Unit (40 pages)

  $4.00 Animal Unit (30 pages)

  $2.00 World Animal Cards

  $5.50 BUNDLE OPTION: Animal Unit and World Animal Card Rainforest Unit

  $4.00 Amazon Rainforest Packet (50 pages)

  $6.50 Biology Unit: Biomes, habitats, ecosystem, biological interactions, feeding relationships (70 pages)

  $6.00 Ocean Unit (65 pages) Does not include the layers of the ocean/ocean zone packet.

  $3.00 Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone Activities Does not include the 65-page Ocean Unit.

  $8.00 Bundle: Ocean Unit – Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone  

  $4.00 Dinosaur Unit (for ages 3-7)


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.

History Units:

(Scroll down below for larger images and descriptions of each unit.)homeschool history units   $3.00 World Facts Packet – Do your kids know the 4 largest countries? Which countries have the most people? The longest river? This packet covers basic world and U.S. facts. We often started out the semester with a review of this material. :)

  $4.00 Civics and Government Packet

  $2.50 Feudalism Packet

  $3.00 Age of Exploration Packet

Coming Soon: Renaissance and Reformation Packet

  $4.00 Causes of the American Revolution Packet (and American Revolution play)

  $4.00 Slavery and the Civil War (75 pages – slavery, U.S. territorial expansion, the Civil War)


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.

Our packets are pdf digital downloads.  You’ll receive a download link almost immediately in an email sent to your PayPal email address from SendOwl the service I use. :)

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Science Units:

Digestive System Packet: Includes student worksheets on the mouth, swallowing, digestive tract, plus lapbook pages, hands on activity ideas and more! 40+ pages




Skeleton Worksheet Packet: This packet includes notebook pages and lapbook pages for learning about the bones of the body, as well as worksheets that cover basic functions of the skeletal system, division of the skeletal system (axial skeleton/appendicular skeleton), joints, the types of bones based on shape,  bone disorders, etc. It also includes some of the hands-on activities we did learning joints, the role of cartilage, etc.




A Study of Cells: Includes pages on the how cell theory developed, basic parts of cell (cell organelles), function of organelles,  animal vs. plant cells, Eukaryotes vs. Prokaryotes, how proteins are made, cells of the human body,  activity ideas, lapbook pages and more!


  Cell Worksheets


Human Body Systems: This bundle includes the Human Body Systems matching page, notebook pages, and lapbook pieces. It also now  includes these pages on how the human body is organized… from cells to tissues, then organs and finally systems.    I go in a lot more detail about this packet here: Organization of the Human Body: Cells, Tissues, Organs, Systems , but here is a screen shot of this packet. It has worksheets on cells, organs, tissues (4 main types) and body systems. Finally it includes a Human Body Chart (which is a separate file because it prints in landscape.)



Circulatory System Packet: 40+ pages



Circulatory System Worksheets and Activities


Simple Machines Packet: Includes matching page, simple machines with a blank (or with dotted print for young learners), charts, sorting pages, activity ideas and more. Approx. 30 pages.



Earth Science Packet: This 50+ page packet has more than a dozen-hands on activities ideas and worksheets on the following topics: Solar System, Layers of the Earth, Earth’s Axis and Seasons, Latitude and Longitude, Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, 4 Types of Mountains. See examples of the worksheets at this post here: Earth Science Packet 



Types of Animals Worksheet and Activities Packet, 30+ Page Packet: This unit covers the 5 types of vertebrates and goes over the main characteristic of each vertebrate group: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish. It also covers many of the invertebrate groups starting with the differences between insects and spiders. Then going into more detail about some of the other invertebrate groups: crustaceans, mollusks, echinoderms, porifera, and others. There is a section on domesticated vs. wild animals.  Plus, it has a huge section on animal tracks (fun to do in the winter!) and has a bit about food webs, though we’ll really go into depth about that in our unit on the biosphere which we’ll do immediately following this unit. The Animal Unit packet is well over 30 pages.  It is $4.00. You can find out more about it at this post (which shows in more detail what is included): Animal Unit: Types of Animals Worksheet Packet (30+ Pages)

Animal Unit


  Animal-Unit-Vertebrate-Invertebrate-Groups-Worksheet-Packet BUNDLE: Animal Packet and World Animal Cards Add on the World Animal Cards for $1.50! For more details about these Montessori Style Cards, visit this post: Animals Around the World Purchase the BUNDLE: Animal Packet and World Animal Cards





Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.


Rainforest Unit Worksheets and Activities

Biology Packet: Biomes, Ecosystems, Habitats, Feeding Relationships, Biological Interactions:  When we first started this unit, we talked about the basic climate zones before exploring the 9 biomes in more depth. We first covered the basic biomes when the kids were little. This time the kids were in upper elementary and middle school. We talked a lot about the abiotic factors that make up an ecosystem (anything that is not living — climate, soil, weather, etc.), as well as touching on dominant plants and animals.  We spent time on feeding relationships and biological interactions. So, we went over the basic terms like herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, detritivores. And, we also talked a lot about the more complex biological interactions — from mutualism,when two species interact and both get something positive out of the interaction, to various forms of amensalism – when one organism benefits and the other is harmed and/or destroyed like parasitism, competition and antibiosis. We talked about the food chain and food webs as well as the difference between habitats, ecosystems, and biomes. You can find out more about this biology packet here or you can purchase this with the link below. This packet 70 page packet is $6.50 and contains all the materials mentioned above.


Biology Packet on the Biosphere: Biomes, Ecosystems, Habitats, Feeding Relationships, Biological Interactions and More!

Biology-Unit-Biosphere-Biomes-Habitats-PacketBiomes-Abiotic-Factors-WorksheetsBiomes-Dominant-Plants-Animals-Worksheets Biomes-Worksheets Biology-Feeding-Relationships


Ocean Unit: There are 4 main earth systems: the atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere. After we did the Biology/Biosphere Unit above (biomes, habitats, feeding relationships and so forth), we went on to study the hydrosphere, ie. Earth’s Oceans.  Some of the topics we covered included: Marine Habitats;  Water Form Words (bay, estuary, lagoon, fjord, etc.);   Features of the Ocean Floor (trench, seamount, guyot, etc.);  Ocean Navigation (early navigation with astrolabes & the constellations, modern SONAR);  Salinity;   Ocean Currents (Surface & Deep Sea Currents);   Ocean Life: Special Body Features;   Fish Body Shape and Movement;   Biological Interactions: Mutualism and Commensalism in the Ocean;  Deep Sea Life – Bioluminescence, Anglerfish We also watched the beautiful documentary,  Blue Planet, (affiliate link) in conjunction with these activities and notebook pages. My kids loved this series and we highly recommend it!! The footage is stunning and the stories about the wildlife were riveting!

Ocean Unit Packet; 65 pages

does NOT include the Layers of the Ocean (Ocean Zones) Activities Packet (see bundle below)



  Ocean-Unit-Packet-Marine-Habitats-Ocean-Currents-Tides-Bioluminescence Layers of the Ocean Activities: A number of years ago, we had studied the layers of the ocean and the ocean zones.  This packet is $3.00 The Ocean Zones Activity Packet is $3.00.   does NOT include the 65-page Ocean Packet (above)


BUNDLE: Ocean Unit Packet AND Layers of the Ocean Activities Packet




States of Matter Packet: 50+ page packet on the three states of matter – solids, liquids, gases and changing states of matter. We talked quite a bit about the characteristics of solids, liquids and gases. We also went into a lot of detail on the changing states of matter covering those six changes (melting, freezing, evaporation, condensation, sublimation, deposition).  (Note: This packet does not discuss plasma.) Three States of Matter – Changing States of Matter Packet




Note: If you want to purchase a bundle with the Properties of Matter Packet, see details below. states-of-matter-solid-liquid-gas-worksheets-and-hands-on-activities


Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

Matter: Elements, Compounds, Mixtures;   Organization of the Periodic Table;   Molecular vs. Structural Formulas;   Describing Matter: Physical and Chemical Properties;   Density Activities – Mass÷Volume;   Mixtures: Solutions, Colloids and Suspensions After we finished our States of Matter Unit, we went into more detail about the physical and chemical properties of matter.  We reviewed elements and compounds and discussed periodic table – including the main groups and their properties. We talked about molecular vs. structural formulas. We then spent quite some time on the physical properties of matter (size, color, mass, boiling point, etc.)  We went into quite some depth about density doing a number of activities to find (and calculate) the density of objects (using water displacement/volume and mass).  Finally, we spent the last part of this unit discussing solutions and suspensions… covering terms like solvent, solute, homogeneous mixture and heterogeneous mixture. This unit is best for middle school students. (My youngest did the unit with us, but the material was quite challenging for her and we’ll definitely need to repeat this unit for her in a few years.) $4.00

  physical-chemical-properties-of-matter-densityproperties-of-matterBUNDLE OPTION: States of Matter Packet and Properties of Matter Packet BUNDLE: States of Matter, Properties of Matter Packets (2 Packets, approx. 95 pages total)   $6.00 for the Bundle


History and Government Units:

Civics and Government Unit: This 45 page unit contains worksheets on the three branches of government as well as a lapbook/notebook project on the executive, legislative and judicial branches.  It covers some basic civics questions (with QR reader codes or with matching printable answers), how a bill becomes law, the Cabinet, how state governments are organized, what roles the federal, state and local government have in providing services to US citizens, and what kinds of taxes Americans pay. (Find out more about it at this post: Civics and Government Unit-3 Branches of Government and more)


  Civics-Government-Unit-45Page-Packet-homeschoolden American Revolution Packet: A Study of the causes of and events leading to the American Revolution such as the French & Indian War, Sugar & Molasses Acts, Stamp Act, Boston Massacre, Townshend Acts, Boston Tea Party, Lexington & Concord and more.  Bonus Material: This packet also includes the play that I wrote for the kids; it can be performed by 3 to 12 people.


 American-Revolution-Unit-Worksheets-ReviewCardsAmerican-Revolution-Play-Homeschoolden World Facts Packet is 20 pages (including answer pages). For more information visit this post: World Facts Packet


  World Facts Packet


Feudalism Worksheets and Activities Packet  (20+ Pages) for information go to this post: Feudalism Worksheets and Activities



  Feudalism-Worksheets-Simulation-Activities Age of Exploration Unit – Explorers of the 1500s from Portugal, Spain and England



Age of Exploration Worksheets Notebook Pages


Math Packets:

50+ page Addition and Subtraction Pet Pack: This packet includes 35+ pages of worksheets and a math game board with math fact cards.


Pet-Pack-Addition-and-Subtraction-WorksheetsPet Pack includes 35+pages of addition and subtraction worksheets plus a Pet Game and math fact cards. Addition-Subtraction-Game

A-Hoy Maties! Pirate Math Pack (for ages 4 to 6)


 The Pirate Math Pack is over 65 pages. Activities in the Pirate Pack include

Month and Days of the Week Cards Pirate Clocks – Match the analog clock with the digital clock Make 5 and Make 10 playing cards A doubling game board and game cards (1+1, 2+2… 8+8, 9+9) Doubling Bump Game Doubling +1 game board and game cards (1+2, 2+3… 7+8, 8+9) Doubling +1 Bump Game Math practice worksheets Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen math fact cards and sorting mat Skip Counting by 5s tracing sheets Plus, hands-on math activity ideas (what we did when we had math time together) Pirate-Clocks-Analog-Digital-Practice-Matching-Cards   Doubling-Worksheets-Game-Pirate-ThemeThis packet also comes with Place Value Activities and Printables. PlaceValue

A-Hoy Maties! Pirate Math Pack is $4.00

Pirate Math Packet and the Place Value Materials (over 100 pages of materials) Pirate-Math-Packet-Games-Worksheets-MathCards-Activity-Ideas

BUNDLE OF ALL MULTIPLICATION PACKETS IS AT THE END OF THIS SECTION. Multiplication Packet: 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s Bird-Tree Themed: This packet is 21 pages. It has 13 pages specifically for learning the 3s. It also has 8 pages of mixed practice for reviewing the 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s.


3s-Multiplication-Packet Multiplication Worksheets and Skip Counting Mazes for 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s: There are 8 pages: 3 skip counting pages and 5 pages of multiplication practice (using skip counting).


3sSkipCountingMazes-Math-Worksheets To download the Multiplication Packets (4s and 9s) click on the link below. Enter your details into Paypal and upon purchase, a link will pop up in your browser to download these two files.  You will also receive an email from Sendowl with a link you can follow to retrieve your file.  Don’t forget to check your downloads folder!!  Just follow the link in the email you received from Sendowl to download the file again.  If for any reason you need to download the file more than 3 times, just drop me an email and I can reset it. If you have any trouble with your order feel free to email me:  liesl at homeschoolden dot com.


Multiplication-By-4s-and-9s-Worksheet-pdfs 8s Multiplication Packet: (37 pages) This 37-page Multiplication by 8s Worksheet Packet is available for $3.00. Multiplication-by-8s-Worksheets Purchase ALL of these multiplication packets and more by clicking the link below (for more details about this bundle click here):

Multiplication Bundle (150+ pages of materials)



Note: Upon payment, you be get a link to download the pdf file. You will also receive an email from SendOwl (the service I use) with the transaction link to download the pdfs (sent to your Paypal email address). When you click on that link, it will bring up a window with the links to download the 10 files.  If you have any problems with your order feel free to contact me: liesl at homeschoolden dot com or reply to the email from SendOwl. :)   ~Liesl Includes 10 pdf packets for a total of 150+ pages of materials: multiplication-facts-2s-thru-9s



The Long “A” and “I” Word Sort and Board Game comes as a bundle with the Long A Sound Word Sort and Game. You will receive 2 files to download. LongASound-Activities


Once you make your payment through Paypal, you will immediately receive a link to download these two files (the Long I Sound Activities and Long A Sound Activities). You will also receive an email from Sendowl (the service I use) which will contain the link which will take you to your downloads.  If you have any trouble with your order be sure to contact me via email —  liesl at homeschoolden dot com, via the contact form above or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page. ~Liesl http://homeschoolden.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Long-i-Sound-word-sort1.jpg

Long i Sound Word Sort and Board Game

Long-i-Word-Sort-Practice-Page This link will take you directly to paypal.  After payment, you will immediately receive a link to download this file. You should also receive an email from the  service I use called SendOwl. If you have any trouble with your order, be sure to contact me:  liesl at homeschoolden.com ~Liesl This 13-page spelling packet is $2.50. ow ou oy oi aw au Word Sort Activities After you enter your details in Paypal, you will receive a link immediately to download the pdf in your browser. Sendowl (the service I use) will also send you the link in an email.  As always, if you have any questions or problems (or need me to reset the number of downloads back to 3) feel free to send me an email liesl at homeschoolden dot com ~Liesl $2.50 ow-ou-oy-oi-aw-au-Word-Sort-Activities


 Montessori 3-Part Cards

World Animal Cards: Includes animals from all 7 continents




We would use these cards while we sang the 7-continent song.


Dinosaur Packet: Dinosaur Lapbook, Montessori 3-Part Cards, Letter and Number Recognition Activities, Matching Pages,  Herbivores vs. Carnivores, Dinosaur Information Cards, Math Games, and Much More! When you click on the link below, it will take you directly to paypal.  You will receive TWO files immediately after payment is received. One file is 46 pages long and prints in portrait. The other file is 25 pages long and prints in landscape.




Packets that are Coming Soon:

Coming Soon:


Coming Soon: