Australia Packet

New! 75-page Australia Unit

Australia Unit worksheets states and territories Australian animals activitiesDo your kids know the states and territories of Australia? Perhaps your kids can identify a kangaroo or koala, but can they identify a numbat, bandicoot or quokka? Do they know that some mammals lay eggs? Do they know the terms marsupial or monotreme?

This new Australia Unit will help kids become familiar about some basics about Australia.  This 75-page Australia Packet includes worksheets, notebook pages as well as lapbook/interactive notebook pieces and activity pages.

Let me explain (and show you some pictures of) what is included. You will find the link to purchase the Australia Packet below. Look for the Add to Cart Button.

Australia Unit

The first few pages of this unit introduces students to some well known landmarks and national parks including Kakadu, Flinders Ranges, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, Great Ocean Road and so forth. There is a writing page where students can write what they know about Australia (or they can use it for research and writing.)

Australia Unit - Geography Pages

Marsupials and Monotremes Worksheets

Before going into the states and territories and their symbols and emblems, there are a couple of notebook pages about marsupials and monotremes.  Marsupials are mammals that carries the young in her pouch.  Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs.

Marsupials and Monotremes WorksheetsAs ED began this unit we talked about some of the well-known national parks (like Kakadu and Flinders Ranges) and landmarks (like the Sydney Opera House). We also talked about the difference between marsupials and monotremes.Australia Unit Worksheets and Notebook Pages

States and Territories of Australia

The next section goes over the states and territories of Australia. Students will learn the capital of each state or territory. There are worksheets that have students identify where each state/territory is located.

Students will also learn the mammal and bird emblems of each state or territory. For example, the mammal emblem of Queensland is the koala while the mammal emblem of New South Wales is the platypus.

They will also learn about some of the symbols and emblems of each state or territory.  There are notebook pages where students can research and write more about each state and territory. Suggested answer pages are included. These pages have students write about the early history of each state or territory, animals that can be found there and so forth.

States and Territories of Australia worksheetsStates - Territories of Australia WorksheetsED started with the Northern Territory, which is where she was born. 😊

Northern Territory Australia Notebook Page

Animals of Australia

The next large section of the packet is about Australian animals. There are worksheets, matching pages, notebook pages and lapbook/interactive notebook pieces.  Students will learn to identify around 25 Australian animals from the wallaby or wombat to the western quoll and cassowary.

There are notebook pages with information provided about kangaroos and wallabies, wombats, platypuses, and echidnas. There are research pages for students to find out more about other animals.

For younger students, there are tracing worksheets and puzzle matching. For older students there are fill-in-the blank and matching pages.

Animals of Australia WorksheetsAustralian Animals Worksheets and Notebook PagesThere is also an interactive notebook activity provided. Students can trace the animal name and glue it in. Older students can write their own information on the inside. Below is what the final page would look like:

Australian Animals Lapbook ActivityThere are also a few activity pages if you have younger learners in your home! Those are on pages 84-89 of the packet.

Australia Worksheets for KidsWhat age is the Australia Packet for?

Like many of our packets, this unit has a range of activities for homeschooling families of different ages. As you can see above, I provided activities for younger students while also including notebook pages, worksheets and research pages for older students.

And as always, if you have any special requests, you can always email me and I can see what I can do.

The Australia Packet is included in Big Animal BUNDLE 2. See details here or below.

Our units are PDF downloads. Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link. If you have any questions or problems feel free to email me! You should get your automatic download link from SendOwl within a few minutes. If you don’t, be sure to email me if you need me to send the link to you again!  ~Liesl

I hope your kids enjoy this unit!

Australia Packet


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

Australia Unit Animals States Territories and Capitals Worksheets

Big Animal BUNDLE 2

$29.99 Big Animal BUNDLE 2 This second animal bundle option includes the Mitten Activities Packet, Dinosaur Packet and the new Australia Packet! 1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet plus the 6) Cicada Packet 7) Chameleons Packet 8) Wolves Packet 9) Mitten Activity Packet 10) Dinosaur Unit and the 11) Australia Unit.

These units are all sold separately as well. See the Big Animal BUNDLE page for more details about each of these units (and for lots more pictures of what is included!).

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.  You can always email me if you need help! ~Liesl

Big Animal BUNDLE 2 - 10 Animal Units

Australia Pics Just for Fun!

P.S. Here are a few pictures of where we used to live in Australia. We lived in central Australia for 12 years. We did a lot of camping in the Outback.

Yes, we wore fly nets when we went camping and hiking!! The flies were BAD! We could have literally hundreds on our t-shirts looking for moisture.

Our house is behind the galah above.

This is a picture of a Sturt Desert Pea. My neighbor grew these in her garden.

Below are pictures from one of the places we visited regularly to hike or bike.

One of my daughters was bit by an aggressive bull ant. They are over an inch long (2 1/2 cm)! It hurts to get bit! A bullant’s stings hurt a lot because they inject formic acid into the sting! They use their large jaws to grab hold of you and then use their stinger to inject the formic acid. Ouch!

This stick bug was more than 10 inches/25 cm long!

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