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Simple Machine Unit – Video Post

Enjoy this one minute video about our Simple Machines Unit when we studied the lever, inclined plane, wedge, screw, pulley, and wheel & axle.  I showed many of the hands-on activities we did. This unit is great for early elementary kids. 🙂 Below you’ll find links to everything included in the video: links to the hands-on activities and for the Simple Machines Packet. Simple Machines Packet (About 30 pages) –...


Homeschool Science in Early Elementary (K-2): Video Post

How do I start teaching science to my kids?  This is a very different answer if your kids are K-2 than if they are a bit older.  Here are some of the science topics you might want to consider if your kids are in early elementary. I put together a video of some of the activities we did when the kids were in early elementary. Some of these activities my...


Homeschool Science Units – Video Post

This is a video post about Homeschool Science in the Elementary and Middle School Years.  It highlights some of the activities and experiments we’ve incorporated in our science units over the years. How do we know what science units to cover?  I created a homeschool science checklist that I think about as we move from unit to unit.  I have a general goal of what I’d like for the kids...