Homeschool Science Units – Video Post

This is a video post about Homeschool Science in the Elementary and Middle School Years.  It highlights some of the activities and experiments we’ve incorporated in our science units over the years.

How do we know what science units to cover?  I created a homeschool science checklist that I think about as we move from unit to unit.  I have a general goal of what I’d like for the kids to have covered K to 8, but we’re also flexible and go off on tangents when it’s warranted!


The other page I mentioned in this video in our Science Units Page, which has links to dozens of our science activities.  It is organized into various topics we’ve covered.


Finally, if you want to explore more of the science units we’ve covered, you can also use the categories in the left sidebar.  Scroll down to SCIENCE and you’ll find all of the units we’ve covered in that area such as…

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Homeschool-Science-Elementary-MiddleSchool-HomeschoolDenSome of our other videos:

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