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For the past few years, my kids have been learning German. We work a lot on building their vocabulary and increasing their conversational skills as well as working on their reading comprehension, listening skills, and grammar.

Below you’ll find some of the German packets I’ve made for the kids.  Our units include a lot of pictures. 🙂  We’ve done units on the family, clothing, weather and seasons, sickness, daily routines, activities, holidays and many more!  Most packets include picture cards, matching pages, and many packets include bingo cards which has become the kids’ favorite way to review!

There are three BUNDLES of German materials available. The third bundle is a work in progress!   The bundles are definitely the best value.  Or you can purchase some of these packets separately, just keep scrolling on below.

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German Bundle 1: $7.99

Click here to see pictures of what is included: German Bundle 1 Quick Preview

German Bundle 1 - Familie Kleidung Wetter Jahreszeiten Farben Zahlen usw

German Bundle 1: $7.99

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

German BUNDLE 1 includes 12 pdfs. See pictures below.

German WorksheetsGerman BUNDLE 1 includes ALL of the packets listed below (for photos you can click on the Quick Preview or scroll below. There are 12 pdf files in German BUNDLE 1:

  • German Conversation Packet – die Familie (2 pdf files)
  • German Conversation Packet 2 – das Wetter die Jahreszeiten die Monaten
  • Weather & Seasons Conversation Starters (Bonus Packet!)
  • Weihnachten und Farben
  • German Weather Packet -Winterwörter-Krankheiten-Schmerzen
  • German Conversation Packet 3 – Kleidung – Clothing (black & white)
  • die Kleidung (in color) – 25 pages
  • German Vocabulary Builder – Valentinstag
  • German Worksheets – Easter Spring Words – Ostern und Frühling
  • die deutschen Zahlen, die Farben

Below are some pictures of what is included in German Bundle 1. Click on the pictures to enlarge!

I started making conversation cards and sets for the kids as we worked hard on their speaking abilities. We did a lot of role playing!

German Worksheets for Kids - die Familie the FamilyGerman-Family-Vocabulary-dieFamilieWe used this family set *every day* during our conversation practice… to talk about the weather, how we’re feeling, where we’re from, what we’re wearing, what we’re up to and on and on! 🙂


German Worksheets for Kids - Matching Pages die Familie - the Familydie Familie - German Matching Cards and Games for KidsGerman Weather & Seasons Conversation StartersWeihnachten und Farben German Worksheets for Kids

german-worksheets-winterworter-winter-wordsgerman-worksheets-krankeiten-schmerzen-sick-hurtdie Kleidung Clothing German Worksheetsdie Kleidung - German Worksheets for KidsValentinstag - German WorksheetsGerman Worksheets Easter Spring Ostern FruhlingGerman Worksheets - die deutschen Zahlen - NumbersGerman Worksheets - die Farben auf Deutsch


German Bundle 2: $6.99

Click here to see pictures of what is included: German Bundle 2 – Quick Preview

German Worksheets for KidsZimmer im Haus - German Worksheets for KidsGerman Bundle 2: $6.99

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

BUNDLE 2 includes ALL of the packets listed below (for photos click on the Quick Preview or scroll below)

  • Daily Routine, Chores, Free-time Activities das Haus Wortschatz
  • das Haus – a 50-page packet with pages on the rooms of the house as well as objects around the house.
  • Auf dem Land
  • der Bauernhof
  • Sommerwörter – Worksheets and Activities
  • Adjective Opposites

Below are some pictures of what is included in German Bundle 2. Click on the pictures to enlarge!

Freizeit - Hobbies - Was machst du gerneFreizeit das Haus Was machst du - German Worksheetsdas Haus German Worksheets ArbeitsblätterRooms in the House Worksheets - German Worksheets das Haus UnitGerman Worksheets - Things Around the House - das HausGerman Worksheets - bauernhof, auf dem land - farm - countryside German for Kids - Sommer Bingo GameGerman Worksheets Adjective Pairs Opposites Gegenteile

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German Bundle 3

The packets in the German Bundle 3 set currently includes:

  • Tiere (Animals)
  • der Ozean – Unterwasserleben (The Ocean – Marine Life)
  • Körperteile (Body Parts)

Coming Soon:

  • Berufe (Jobs)
  • In der Stadt (Directions, Transportation, Buildings)
  • Werkzeuge – Tools

Click here to see what is included in this new bundle: German Bundle 3 Quick Preview

German Bundle 3German Bundle 3 currently includes

German Body Parts Worksheets die KörperteileGerman Worksheets - die Körperteile Body Parts - Organe Knochen

German Worksheets for Kids - Tiere Animals Tiere im Wald Forest Animalsder Ozean - Unterwasserleben German Worksheets for Kids - the ocean beach marine life

German Bundle 3: currently $6.99 $4.50

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

German Bundle 3 – Körperteile, Tiere, Unterwasserleben (others coming soon)

German Bundle 3

Coming Soon to this packet:German Worksheets for Kids - In der Stadt - in the cityStadt Reise Beruf - WorksheetsBerufe - German Worksheets for Kids

Individual German Packets

Greetings/Family – We focused on conversation skills, basic greetings like: How are you? What’s your name? How old are you? We used a “family” of people and pretended to be different people.  We continued to use these as we jumped into our next units.

German Packet: die Familie $2.50 (or included in German Bundle 1) German-Family-Vocabulary-dieFamilieGerman Worksheets for Kids - die Familie the FamilyGerman Worksheets for Kids - Matching Pages die Familie - the FamilyGerman Worksheets die Familie - the FamilyPlus bingo cards and matching cards for playing games!die Familie - German Matching Cards and Games for Kids

Clothing – We went over clothing vocabulary. Our “family” members got clothing and we talked a lot about what “we” were wearing.  We also “went shopping” and learned out to ask about prices, how to try things on, how to get another size, etc.

German Clothing - Kleidung

die Kleidung Clothing German WorksheetsGerman Clothing Worksheets and Cards - die Kleidungdie Kleidung - German Worksheets for Kids

German Weather, Winter and Sickness/Symptoms (See photos and descriptions below.) Weather – With this unit, we talked about the months, seasons, and weather. We practiced talking about the weather (using weather cards they were given). German-Conversation-Card-Set-weather-days-months-seasonsWe then went on to talk about Winter Words (vocabulary building).german-worksheets-winterworter-winter-words

German Weather, Winter and Sickness/Symptoms (See photos above and below)

$3.50 (or included in German Bundle 1) Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

Sickness/Symptoms – Following our study of the winter, we talked about catching a cold, the flu, having a fever, having a sore throat, ear ache and more. We play the “Lesespiel” regularly to review all this vocabulary (Who has a cold? I have a cold… Who has diarrhea? I have diarrhea. Who has a sore throat…) german-worksheets-krankeiten-schmerzen-sick-hurt

Weather – Seasons Bonus Packet (available in German Bundle 1) — This packet has picture cards and writing paper to generate conversation about the weather and/or the seasons.

German Weather & Seasons Conversation Starters

Valentine’s Day Unit – Vocabulary builder worksheets and game. (included in German Bundle 1) Valentinstag - German Worksheets Easter Spring Words – Ostern und Frühling (included in German Bundle 1)  German Worksheets Easter Spring Ostern Fruhling

German Worksheets – die Zahlen – Numbers (included in German Bundle 1)

German Worksheets - die deutschen Zahlen - Numbers

Daily Routine, Things Around the House, Hobbies/Activities/Freizeit – 50 page unit  Freizeit das Haus Was machst du - German Worksheets Daily Routine, Things Around the House, Hobbies/Activities/Freizeit

 ( included in German Bundle 2)

Daily Routine – Our next unit was all about our day. We started first with activities we would do during the course of the day (getting up, eating breakfast, brushing our teeth, taking a shower, etc.) Chores – We then added in various chores we do around the house (washing and drying dishes, doing laundry, sweeping the floor, etc.)   German Was machst du - daily routine activitiesThings around the house – We did vocabulary building activities with various appliances and things you would find around the house (refrigerator, broom, curtains, chair, rug, etc.)  NOTE: We came back to this unit a couple years later and went into more detail about objects around the house.  See more details at this post (das Haus Arbeitsblätter) or down below!das Haus German worksheets Hobbies/Activities – We talked about things we would do for fun – playing the piano, chess, soccer, walking the dog, hiking, swimming, etc. We now use these cards to practice the past tense. Freizeit - Hobbies - Was machst du gerne

das Haus Arbeitsblätter Bonus Packet (included in German Bundle 2)

This is a new set of German worksheets I made for the kids as they added new vocabulary about objects and furniture around the house.  I had large pictures of each room of the house and had the kids describe what they saw. This set include poster-sized pictures, writing stationery for the various rooms around the house, matching pages (German words to English words as well as German words to pictures).  Plus, there are two Bingo Game sets (with 8 bingo cards).

das Haus German Worksheets ArbeitsblätterZimmer im Haus - German Worksheets for KidsGerman Worksheets - Things Around the House - das Haus

das Haus German Worksheets Arbeitsblätter

In the Countryside – We learned vocabulary for things like stream, bush, mushroom, cloud, branch, twig, farm, various farm animals, farm tools

German Worksheets - bauernhof, auf dem land - farm - countryside

Sommerwörter: German Worksheets and Activities

 included in German Bundle 2

Sommer Wortschatz - German Worksheets and Activities for Kids

Adjectives – We have been working on opposites – old/young, high/low, expensive/cheap, boring/interesting, etc. We’ve read texts/paragraphs from Learn German (affiliate link) that use comparative adjectives – big, bigger, biggest.  I made some bingo cards. I read a word aloud and the kids have to cross the opposite word off (high-low, white-black, active-lazy, sharp-dull, etc.). The kids now know about 30 adjective pairs!

German Gegenteile – Opposites  included in German Bundle 2

 German Worksheets Adjective Pairs Opposites Gegenteile

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German Unit: Travel and Transportation; In the City; Buildings; Jobs

Coming soon to German BUNDLE 3!!

In the City – Directions, Getting there (verbs), means of transportation (by bus, by taxi, by foot, etc), vocabulary in a city (crosswalk, traffic, street, traffic light), a trip (airport, luggage, suitcase, airplane, seat belt, etc.),

Buildings in a city (library, town hall, hospital, police station, etc.)

Jobs – businessman, sailor, mailman, butcher, etc.

This material is nearly 50 pages and will be available in German Bundle 3 soon.

German Worksheets for Kids - In der Stadt - in the city

Stadt Reise Beruf - WorksheetsBerufe - German Worksheets for Kids

Our Free German Materials:

Free German Worksheets for Beginners

Free German Worksheets for Kids

School Materials – We still review this vocabulary from time to time and play the bingo game about once every two weeks!

German Worksheets Free School Materials

German Books and Resources We Use/d:

When the kids were first learning German, we used the German children’s series,  Bobo Siebenschläfer and Bobo Siebenschläfer ist wieder da. Bildgeschichten für ganz Kleine. (affiliate links) We purchased both the books and the CDs and listened to them A LOT!! What I liked about these children’s stories is that Bobo has various adventures. For example, he goes to the store, plays with his toys, goes to the zoo or goes to the park or zoo. It really helps German language learner build vocabulary.

Bobo-GermanBooksForKidsAnother books we used a lot when the kids were beginners is called Es War Einmal (German Edition) (affiliate link) by Susanne Ehrlich.  Unfortunately, this book seems to be out of print. We got it used on Amazon.  The kids did really well with these stories because they were so familiar.


We have used the CD/book set Living Language German (affiliate link) off and on the past couple of years for independent work (essentially like homework).  The kids have work they do on their own while I work with the others.  This resource comes as a set with three levels–Essential (Beginning), Intermediate, and Advanced.  The kids can follow along with the book as it covers new vocabulary and grammar points.  The Essential (Book 1) starts off slowly and might even be a good fit for a very young learner without much background in German.

My kids flew through the first book fairly easily (and without much help from me).


By the way, some people like Rosetta Stone, German, (affiliate link) but I felt my kids were too young (because you have to speak quite clearly to progress).  It is also quite pricey, so that was also a draw-back.  My sister’s kids (my Sis homeschools her 3 kids) used Rosetta Stone German quite a bit. It never worked for us.  Some people also love the app DuoLingo.  My kids have used that off and on, but sometimes they got frustrated with it. It’s free, though, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

German-Made-SimpleLast year, we wound up using two main textbooks.  Often we used both on the same day.  I’m going to tell you why they worked for us this year:We started using a new German textbook, German Made Simple. (affiliate link) I loved it last year.

This is not a book to use with beginners (it would be too difficult), but for those who are a bit more advanced, I’ve found it really great. Each chapter starts with a paragraph about Mr. Clark (and his family). In each chapter you learn a bit more about them.  What makes this books so usable is that it has the English translation on the right side of the page.

Each chapter has vocabulary, exercises and teaches some grammar. We’ll definitely continue with this book next year. My niece and nephew are also learning German and I recommended this to them. They really like it too (They are 14 and 16).

Learn GermanThis year, we have been using the texts (paragraphs) from Learn German (affiliate link) by Dominik Wexenberger. Huge thumbs up for this book!! He writes about one theme and generally there are 3 or 4 texts/paragraphs on each topic.  The sentences are simple and we have extremely helpful for continuing to build vocabulary and to read more fluently.  Some chapter topics include: Colors and Clothing, Things on a Desk, Shopping, Family, Body, Free Time (which fit in perfectly with our unit on activities/hobbies), Calendar (what do you do all week) – again this fit in well with our unit on activities, Jobs, House (fit in well with our vocabulary building on words around the house and with chores), Sickness/Symptoms, Places (activities), Adjectives (which we are using as we work on opposites – high/low, etc.) and that’s only about half of the topics. Note: This book does not come with English translations. You can check it out here Learn German (affiliate link) and if you have Amazon Prime, you can borrow it for free!  Again, I highly recommend it!

WarumThis year (2018-2019) my kids used a book called Warum? Tessloffs großes schlaues Antwortbuch: Über 350 Fragen und Antworten aus vielen Wissensgebieten  (affiliate link) regularly. My kids are about low-intermediate in German now.  It is a preschool-type book with lots of pictures and large print.  It covers all kinds of topics from dinosaurs and history to space, the human body, animals and the plant world. Here’s a picture so you can gauge whether it suits your kids/students: (We read this while we did our review of Körperteile.)

Note: There are a number of books in the Warum series. We got our used from Amazon.

Warum - Book Example

You might also want to check out this post: Other German Curriculum Options for other German curriculum, books and textbooks.

German Immersion Camp: Another amazing resource is if you can take your kids to Waldsee, A German Immersion Camp.  It is a summer camp for families or for kids and is an amazing experience no matter what your level of German.  I first took my kids when they were 7, 9 and 11.  I wished we had started earlier for my oldest! The kids (and I!!) learned SO much. The food is incredible! We did the Family Camp, but you can also send the kids for a week.  This is located in Minnesota.  My Sister sent her three kids there as well, that’s how I found out about it.


Movies in German: This year, we purchased a multi-region DVD player (we bought one of the cheapest models, the 10 inch Sykik Portable DVD (affiliate link) and it works well for us. I plug it into a speaker to boost the sound).  We have about a dozen movies that we’ve watched in German so far this year.  We set the timer for 20 minutes (because we have other things to do!) but try to watch most days.  The kids always beg for more.  The purpose of this portion of our lesson is for the kids to hear German as it’s spoken.  They said they can understand a lot more than they could at first.  And, since these are kid-friendly movies they’re drawn in by the action/plot and can basically follow what’s going on even if they only understand 30% of what they hear.

Check this post out for a list of the movies we watched this year.

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