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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: The Kids’ Own Thoughts about Dad

How well does your child know Dad?  Their cute answers will really make Father’s Day special. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th.  Are you looking for a gift that is unique and really honors Dad?  What about finding out just what the kids know about Dad and writing down their answers?! We started doing this when the kids were Tots and we all get such a huge kick out of...


Father’s Day Gift Idea: Silhouette Cameo

One year for Father’s Day, I sat the kids down, shined a bright light at them and made silhouette cameos of them for Hubby. He loved them and the kids were proud of them (even if I did most of the work).  Getting ED to sit still for that (she was 19 months at the time) was a HUGE challenge, but it’s sure nice having a memento like that! Tomorrow I’ll share another...