The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: The Kids’ Own Thoughts about Dad

How well does your child know Dad?  Their cute answers will really make Father’s Day special.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th.  Are you looking for a gift that is unique and really honors Dad?  What about finding out just what the kids know about Dad and writing down their answers?! We started doing this when the kids were Tots and we all get such a huge kick out of reading the kids’ thoughts! It’s like creating a time capsule about Dad (if you manage to keep tabs on where you keep the answers!).

I asked the kids these questions when they were 3 and 5… and we shared it with Hubby. Then I tucked their answers away for several years and had the kids answer the same questions again a couple years later.  The kids had as much fun reading their answers (or the answers I had written down for them) as Hubby did!!

Here are a few sample questions:

4. How does your Dad make you laugh?

5. What was your Dad like as a child?

6. How old is your Dad?

7. How tall is your Dad?

8. What is his favorite thing to watch on TV?

9. What does your dad do when you’re not around?

Here are some of the answers my kids provided back five years ago)…

  • How old is your Dad? 80 (LD, age 5)
  • What is his favorite thing to watch on TV? advertisements (DD, age 3)
  • How are you and your Dad the same? because we’re both men (LD age 5)
  • What is something Dad always says to you? brush my teeth and go to bed (DD age 3)
  • What do you and your Dad do together? play doll house (DD, age 3); play games like play jets and stuff. Yeah. A lot of things. (LD, age 5)
  • Where is your Dad’s favorite place to go? to the grocery store (DD, age 3)… see we didn’t get out very much back then, did we?!!!!

Download and print out a copy of the Father’s Day Printable  and record your kids’ precious comments for Dad!


Another gift we made for hubby one year was a silhouette cameo. I sat the kids down, shined a bright light at them and made silhouette cameos of them for Hubby. I’m still impressed that I managed to make one of ED who was 19-months-old at the time!!

Father’s Day is June 18st (2017).

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