ow ou oy oi aw au Word Sort Activities

This is a set of word sort activities to reinforce the “ow” and “ou” vowel team; the “oy” and “oi” patterns;  and the “au” and “aw” vowel patterns.  ED is finishing up volume 2 of All About Spelling (affiliate link), the spelling program I’ve used with all 3 kids, and she wanted some fun games again to go over these various vowel teams.

Since we are diving into a new unit on oceans soon, I decided to go with an ocean theme for her spelling words this time around! She was pretty happy with this set! 🙂

ow-ou-oy-oi-aw-au-Word-Sort-ActivitiesAs she was first working on these spelling words, she took the cards and sorted them onto their appropriate vowel team mat.  But, as she became more familiar with the words I would read them aloud, she would tell me the vowel team, and then I would give her the card to place on the mat.

This next week we will be working with the game boards.  There are four separate games.  You can divide the cards so the kids just play the ow – ou vowel teams, oy – oi vowel teams, or the aw – au vowel teams. Or, there is a board which combines all four patterns.

To Play: 

  • For younger kids let them look at the card, read it, and go to the first space available with the spelling that matches their card.
  • For more advanced kids, read the word for them and have them identify which space they should go to. For example, read the word “because” aloud and have them tell you that they need to go to the “au” space.
  • The first player to land on the last space in the center of the spiral wins the game.

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Spelling - ou ow aw au oi oy activities and gamesBy the way: You will find TWO sets of game boards in this file. Check both sets out and decide which you’d rather print out.  In the second set, I decided to add in some “move ahead” or “move back” spaces to the game boards just to add some spice and excitement to the games. You’ll find them following the first set. Play as normal, but if a player lands on the space they follow the directions written.

There are 9 pages of word cards, 4 game boards, and the vowel-team sorting mat.

This spelling packet is $3.00.

ow ou oy oi aw au Word Sort Activities


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$3.00 ow ou oy oi aw au Word Sort Activities and Games

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$18.99 Spelling BUNDLE – Buy all of the packets listed above (and any that I create in the future). The Spelling Bundle includes: 1. Long A & Long I Packet 2. Long E Packet 3. ou/ow oy/oi au/aw Packet 4. /er/ Sound Packet 5. /k/ Sound Packet 6. /ul/ Sound Packet 7. ie/ei Words Packet Spelling Packets – Quick Preview

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