Long I Word Sort – Words with y, i_e or ie

Are your kids studying words that have the Long I sound? They might enjoy the activities in this packet.  It contains a word sort, board game and bingo cards for reviewing the long /i/ spelling patterns: ie, y, i-e, igh, ind and i.

Long i Words spelled ie y i-e igh y ActivitiesI made this long /i/ word sort file folder game for ED.  She went over many of these words (and rules) last year, but she will definitely need some review this fall.  She chose the castle and unicorn theme, though I know my other daughter would never have gone for that!! So, I also included the same word sort with colorful circles.  The object is for kids to sort the words quickly into different word families.  This helps them with their visual memory of the words.

Long-i-Sound-word-sort1Words include

  • Y: shy, try, fly, cry, why, sky
  • I_E (i silent e): fire, nice, side, bike, mine, wide
  • IE (vowel team): lie, die, cries, tries, pie, tie

Long-i-Word-Sort-Practice-PageHow to Use This File Folder Game:

  • Print out the castle pages out on cardstock.
  • Print out either the unicorn words or the circle words out on card stock. Cut out each word.
  • Tape of glue the castle sort pages into a file folder (with one that expands out as pictured below).
  • Tape a ziploc bag to the file folder to keep the words contained.
  • There are two practice pages. They are the same — just one has unicorns and one is plain. You will also find an answer sheet at the end of the packet.
  • Once the kids get really good at sorting, the next step is to read the word aloud and have the student tell which way the word is spelled.

Here is a picture of Long i Sound Board Game. Usually I read the card aloud and ED has to try to figure out the spelling before moving her token to the next available unicorn (spot) on the board. It is included in the packet above.


There is also a practice page for changing the Y to I and adding and ending and also making plurals from words like puppy, daisy, family, and butterfly.

Update: Recently, ED has been reviewing the Long I sound again. I made a new set of activities and added them to this file. This time, she was reviewing a number of rules for words that make the Long I Sound. This part of the file includes some bingo cards as well. This has been a big hit with my daughter!

  • y – my, spy, fry, fly, etc.
  • ie — tie, lie, pie, etc.
  • i-e — nice, wide, bite, etc.
  • igh — night, right, tight, etc.
  • ind – kind, find, grind, etc.
  • i – item, icycle, item, ivory, etc.

Long i words ie y i-e igh Spelling Activities

The Long “I” Word Sort and Board Game comes as a bundle with the Long A Sound Word Sort and Game. You will receive 2 files to download.

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Long i Sound Word Sort and Board Game

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Long i Words spelled ie y i-e igh y ActivitiesMeanwhile, ED is still reviewing the Long A Sounds for spelling.   (She started working on last spring).  You can learn more about this printable by visiting this post: Long A Sounds /ay/ – a, ai, ay, a-e, ei, eigh, ey –Sorting Cards and Board Game!


This is a supplement to the spelling program we use, All About Spelling (affiliate link).
We *love* this program because it’s multi-sensory… and logical. It lays out spelling rules and the program builds upon itself.  We’ve been using it for about five years now! (We started when LD was around 6 or 7.) Read more about All About Spelling at their website (click the tile above) or in this post Our Homeschool Language Arts, Spelling, and Grammar Curriculum

Spelling Packets:

Spelling BUNDLE Page (Glance through pictures of all of the spelling games/activities listed below)

$4.00 Long A Sound and Long I Sound Word Sorts and Games (plus the bonus packet: Word Sorts for Activities for r-wr and n-kn)

$3.00 Long E Sound Word Sort and Games

$3.00  Long O Sound Word Sort and Games

$3.00 ow ou oy oi aw au Word Sort Activities and Games

$3.00 /er/ Sound Word Sort and Games

$3.00 /k/ Sound Word Sort Activities and Games (c, k, ck, ch, cc, que – spellings)

$3.00 /ul/ Sound: Word Sort and Activities for words ending in -le -el -al -il -ol -ile

$3.00 ie ei Words – Worksheets, Activities & Games for words spelled ie (such as piece, chief, yield, ancient, science, glacier, goalie) and words spelled with ei (such as receive, beige, foreign, ceiling, receipt and more!)

$3.00 Plurals – Worksheets, Activities & Games for adding -s or -es to create plurals. Plus, there are activities for practicing irregular spellings & words that change from f to v.

$18.99 Spelling BUNDLE – Buy all of the packets listed above (and any that I create in the future). The Spelling Bundle includes: 1. Long A & Long I Packet 2. Long E Packet 3. Long O Packet 4. ou/ow oy/oi au/aw Packet 5. /er/ Sound Packet 6. /k/ Sound Packet 7. /ul/ Sound Packet 8. ie/ei Words Packet 9. Plurals – add -s or -es Visit the Spelling BUNDLE page for more details!

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