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Celebrate Wildflower Week!

Did you know this week, May 2-8, 2016 is National Wildflower Week? You might want to visit the U.S. Forest Service Website: Celebrating Wildflowers and their Special Features Page. They have beautiful posters and resources available (free). Okay, so only some of these flowers below are actually wildflowers. It’s not a great idea to pick wildflowers if you don’t know the regulations of your region, but we found some gorgeous...


Lapbooks for Preschool on Up – A Project Kids Can Be Proud Of!

It has been a while since we’ve done any lapbooks.  I saw this free robin lapbook over at Dynamic 2 Moms and asked the girls if they would be interested in doing one on robins. ED and DD both said, “Yes!”  So, I printed everything out and the girls set to work. If you’ve never heard of a lapbook, it is a cute way to display small folded mini-books, flaps, pop-up...


Free PreK or K Math Sheets

ED loves math time right now and is whipping through all the sheets she can get her hands on. I haven’t found any math books or workbooks that suits her needs, so I’ve been creating things for her. Here’s one I made for her last weekend. I printed it out and put it in her workbox for when she asks for math time. They include a phone, fall leaves, acorns,...

Flower Book 0

Flower Book

We finally put together DD’s flower book. This is a bunchof activities that we put together in a booklet using acomb binder. Activities came from (and perhaps one more, but I can’t remember off the topof my head)

Diaper Wipe Flowers 0

Diaper Wipe Flowers

The Crafty Crow mentioned this great flowerproject. You can find more information about how to makethese flowers at — Dry out some diaper wipes. Cut them into a large square.I then cut square into four pieces. Fold the small square into a triangle. Then fold the endsup. Fold and sew the two points and middle section togetherand sew five or six pedals together tightly. Staple the back sides together. Paint...

Flower Unit — Hammering Flowers!  Flower Window Decorations 0

Flower Unit — Hammering Flowers! Flower Window Decorations

When we were in Canberra we went to Floriade, a yearlyflower festival. DD decided that she wanted to do a flowerunit when we got home. Today was our first day of activities.We collected flowers from our yard and from our neighbor’sbeautiful garden (with permission, of course!) We used theflowers to hammer them into cards. They turned out reallypretty and you could use this for a symmetry activity as well.We also...