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National Running Day, June 5th

I’m a runner and for those of you who enjoy running, you can participate in national running day tomorrow, June 5th and log your miles over at Run Now. Run with a partner, a team or on your own. I’ll be participating. Hope you do too!

Boston Marathon Tragedy, So Shocking 4

Boston Marathon Tragedy, So Shocking

It made me cry to hear that one of the victims was 8 years old.  As a Mom and a runner, I’m heartbroken for the family and for all the victims today. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a runner. I ran the Boston Marathon twice, plus a number of other races that attract large numbers of participants and spectators.  The Boston Marathon...


My Awesome 1/2 Marathon Weekend in Washington DC

While last weekend was terrific because of all the things I accomplished inside the house, this weekend was wonderful because I reached a big personal goal… I ran a half-marathon down in Washington D.C. It was SO fun!  Plus, the family did some fun (educational) sight-seeing. I ran the Rock-n-Roll 1/2 marathon.  It was jam packed with people and music and had bands and cheering people all along the course...

Fitness Game for Kids —  Bakari 0

Fitness Game for Kids — Bakari

A couple of months ago I featured a fitness board game called Flip2BFit.  My kids really loved it.  Today I’m going to review a similar product they put out called Bakari.  It is a fitness memory game. The kids have been itching to play that as well and we finally got a chance to play it. It was a huge hit too!  I thought it’d be perfect to feature today as we’ll...

A Fun Fitness Board Game for Kids: Flip2BFit 0

A Fun Fitness Board Game for Kids: Flip2BFit

I have had the privilege of reviewing a new board game called Flip2BFit.  This is so much more than a board game — it’s a full fitness workout!  The kids and I had so much fun with this game. On the first day we tried it out, they liked it so much that they made Dad play it when he got home from work. The kids really enjoyed all the...

Training — Week 2 4

Training — Week 2

What inspired me to train again: My kids are such an inspiration. They have boundless energy.  I have been amazed and proud at how much they have grown this year as individuals.  LD has such amazing strength — I find it astonishing for a seven year old. (That’s LD at the top of the rope. He went zipping up really fast! He has more arm strength than I have ever...

Training 4


Well, I finished my first official training week.  I’m planning to run a half-marathon in September.  I feel great and my “long run” which was just 6 miles was a breeze.  I’m watching the movie, Running the Sahara, for a bit of inspiration.  Three men set off to run across the Sahara Desert in 2007. They often ran the equivalent of two marathons a day for over 100 days.  What...

Outdoor Time 0

Outdoor Time

 We’re enjoying lots of playdates and time with friends this summer.  What a beautiful park! On another note, I think I’m going to train for a half-marathon in September. I’m excited to have a big goal — just for ME!  🙂  It has been years since I last trained for anything.  My last marathon was on the Sydney Olympic marathon coarse… and I finished in the Sydney Olympic stadium with...