Fitness Game for Kids — Bakari

A couple of months ago I featured a fitness board game called Flip2BFit.  My kids really loved it.  Today I’m going to review a similar product they put out called Bakari.  It is a fitness memory game. The kids have been itching to play that as well and we finally got a chance to play it. It was a huge hit too!  I thought it’d be perfect to feature today as we’ll all be so focused on fitness these next few weeks with the Olympics starting up!

Bakari is a matching fitness game. Each player takes turns turning over two cards and trying to find a match.  If you get a match, you complete the action and get to keep the cards earning the points on the cards.  If you don’t get a match then you choose one of the movements to complete and return the cards to the mat.

It comes with a plastic game mat. The kids placed one card on each spot.

The cards have different values so if you find a match of the orange strength cards you would earn more points than you would for the purple cardio cards, the green yoga moves or the blue stretching cards.

What I love is that all the kids come running to play! The other day LD was on the computer and popped off to join in (DD loves this came so asks to play all the time!)

The purple cardio cards includes things like running in place, crab crawls and the spider man crawl.  The yoga cards have the kids pose in simple positions with slow movements.

As you can see the kids really get into the action with the cardio cards (below left)!

Below are a few of the stretching cards:

These games (Bakari and Flip2BFit, the board game) are wonderful ways to add in phys ed when the weather is too hot or too cold to head outside.  We use the games to take an active break when we need it during our homeschool day.

Where can you purchase Bakari? It is available from Amazon or at the Flip2BFit website.

Just so you know the board game, Flip2BFit is on sale through the end of July for 25% off! That link takes you to homeschool buyers coop where you can purchase it until the end of July for $26.21.  You can see my review of Flip2BFit here. It won best game of the Month in May 2012. The board game is very similar to Bakari with the similar fitness cards and actions but it adds the element of moving around the board and trying to attain your fitness goals to ‘win’ the game.  Personally, I think everyone (including me!) wins with these games because it gets us up and moving.  I really like having an active game to include in our homeschooling resources.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of Bakari and Flip2BFit for review. The opinions expressed here are solely my own.


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