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Quick Update: I closed my Newsletter Account with MailChimp, so… let me provide you with links to our Welcome Series and seasonal highlights!!

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Here’s more About Us!

Feel free to drop me a note anytime here at the contact page!! I’d love to hear how old your kids are, how you got started homeschooling, and what struggles you have making homeschooling work day-to-day (week-to-week/month-to-month).  Homeschooling is a wonderful journey, but it has its share of challenges too.  But, you know your kids better than anyone and you can do this!!

Happy Homeschooling!


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I do not have a email newsletter at the moment. I closed it in the Fall of 2023. I may look into another option later, but feel free to email me if you’d like! You will always find me at — — I love hearing from you!

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      • Plus, a few things will be available just to email subscribers.
      • Finally, emails are more personal so it’s just a nice way to keep in touch with loyal readers and those who have purchased our products.

How often will you hear from me?

      • In general, I expect to email about once every week or two… really it depends on how crazy life here at home is!!

Welcome Series

  • Once you subscribe, you will receive a daily welcome series of 5 emails. THESE EMAILS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE WITH THE LINKS ABOVE!! They will help you find many of the resources that are tucked away on the blog.  You’ll learn about various planners, tips about homeschooling, learn about a TONS of free resources… I’ll talk about homeschool motivation and strategies for homeschooling without the stress!

What will be in the newsletter?

  • A bit of chit-chat.  Links to the week’s new posts. Links to various printables.  And other things as I think of them. :)

Liesl HomeschoolDenWho am I?

I’m Liesl and I’ve been an educator all around the world… and for my kids from the beginning! Before I had kids I taught both on the high school and college level here in the U.S. Overseas I taught a wide range of ages… from 1st through 12th grades!  I taught in a small town in Hungary with the Peace Corps for a couple of years (Beszelek egy kicsit Magyarul!) and also taught while we lived in Australia (for 12 years).  Oh, and I also taught college classes at that time too; history was my field.

I love creating curriculum and love making things engaging and fun for the kids.  Did you see this hands-on activities page?!  I shared TONS of pictures! This page has a wonderful free printable list of homeschool teaching strategies (and hands-on activity ideas).

I love music (I play the oboe & guitar, sing in a choir), sports (I was a marathon runner, though because of weird/horrible ear & balance issues I now have to workout at the gym. If you’re curious about my challenging ear issues — horrible symptoms that led to my being incapacitated for months,  6 surgeries in 8 months and in the end going deaf in that ear… you might visit this video-post.

Okay… but back to the positive!! I love playing board games (Settlers of Catan is my current favorite and I’m always *trying* but usually not winning against DD!!).  And, I’m a sci fi fan. 🙂 I love reading, traveling and just love, love homeschooling and being with my family!

You can read more about me/us here!

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New to Our Blog? Start Here! It will help you get oriented to the kind of things we have available. It’s got links to many of our Free Homeschool Resource Guides and more.  Anyway, be sure to stop by that page!

See you again soon!


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