World Facts Packet

When we start off the new school year, I want the kids to go over some basic world facts again.  Do they remember…

  • What are the four largest countries? (Russia, Canada, the U.S.A., China)
  • What countries have the most people? (China, India, the U.S.A.)
  • What are the world’s largest cities? (Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul)
  • Which countries have the longest life expectancy? (Monaco, Macau, Japan)
  • What are the major religions?

The packet has information about population growth. When did the world hit 1 billion, 2, billion, 3 billion… up to its current 7+billion population size? The kids have to sort the dates and will see how while we reached a population of 1 billion in 1804, we quickly grew from 4 billion (1974), 5 billion (1987), 6 billion (1999) and 7 billion in 2011. Wow!!

World Facts Packet - 70 page unit basic world facts geographic features landforms deserts world landmarks and more

There is also a page with some basic world facts. What is… the longest river? the largest desert? the hottest and coldest places on Earth? the driest place in the world? the tallest mountain? the deepest place in the ocean?

Since we live in the U.S., I’m also going to have the kids go over some basic facts about America.

  • What is the U.S. capital? Washington, D.C.
  • What is the smallest state? Rhode Island
  • Biggest state? Alaska
  • What is the name of the tallest mountain in the U.S.? Mt. McKinley
  • What is the longest river? Mississippi River
  • There is also a sheet so the kids can locate some geographic features of the US: the larger rivers, the oceans, Gulf of Mexico, and the Great Lakes

They should know a lot of this from our Civics Unit last year. 😉  I know we have a number of readers/homeschoolers in other English speaking countries so I included pages for the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and South Africa for those of you living there… or for those who want to explore those countries in more depth! 🙂

During our Civics Unit we went over some of the U.S. landmarks (like the Statue of Liberty, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, etc.). This fall we’ll be going over some of the famous world landmarks: Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Giza, Leaning Tower of Pisa, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Angkor Wat, Sistine Chapel, Dome of the Rock, Big Ben, Chichén Itzá… just to name a few (there are 22).

World Landmark Cards worksheet bingo cardsThis packet was recently updated to include an entirely new geography section: geographic features, landform words, deserts of the world and topographic map activities and more!

World Facts Packet - Geography LandformsLandform Worksheets and ActivitiesGeographic Features Landform Words Worksheets Activity Pages

Quick Preview for the World Facts Packet

Our World Facts packet is now 70+ pages (including answer pages).  This packet is $6.99.

World Facts Packet

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World Facts PacketThis packet was recently updated to include an entirely new geography section: geographic features, landform words, deserts of the world and topographic map activities

World Facts Packet - Geographic Features Landform Words Topographic Maps Deserts of the World worksheets and pin map

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*Largest countries
*Population facts
*Major world religions
*Facts about the World: longest river, largest desert, wettest and driest places on Earth, tallest mountain, deepest spot in the ocean, etc.
*Facts about the US: largest/smallest state, capital, highest mountain, longest river, rivers & lakes sheet, largest cities, neighbors
*Blank fact sheet pages for: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa
*Famous world landmarks


worldmap-curtainYou might want to use a large world map to introduce the kids to all of the world landmarks.  Introduce the students to the landmarks by continent, presenting just a few each day.  The next have students lay the landmark cards on the correct continents. By the end of the unit, see if they can lay out all the landmark cards onto the world map! We purchased a large world map shower-curtain (affiliate link) that worked well for this (I think it was about $7.00).  Note that because it is a shower curtain it is clear (not white). Also, I had to let it air outside when we first got it.  It was really useful at the time and now it hangs in the kids’ bathroom.

We also have a packet I made for the Civics and Government Unit that we did last spring. We learned about the 3 branches of government, the role of each branch, the difference between federal, state and local governments, the role of the Cabinet as well as some basic civics facts! 🙂  It is around 40+ pages or so.  Find out more here:

Civics-Government-Unit-45Page-Packet3 Branches of Government ActivityUS Constitution Worksheets and the 3 branches of governmentCivics-Review-QuestionsCivics Review Questions

We have a number of other history/geography resources on the blog that might be of interest:

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