World Leaders & Types of Government Worksheets

Free World Leaders and the Types of Government Worksheets

A while back, I made a worksheet packet for the kids that covered some of the world leaders as well as the different types of government. A reader pointed out that I needed to update this to include Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Even newer update: I’ve changed and updated this packet (Sept 2023) as the U.S. now has a new president. I changed out some of the world leaders to highlight some others.

World Leaders Worksheets

This packet also includes worksheets on the various Types of Governments… ie oligarchy, theocracy, dictatorship, monarchy, anarchy, and democracy as well as certain Types of Societies… ie. communism, socialism, capitalism, fascism.

I’ve showed the Types of Government worksheets with the teacher notes, but there are also blank pages where students can take their own notes.

Types of Government WorksheetsThis set is currently FREE to download!

I have uploaded this to SendOwl (the delivery service I use) so that I can make changes/edit the file as needed.  The email you receive might say “Thank you for your order or Thank you for your purchase” but remember this is currently FREE!

On that note, governments change quickly, so if you notice that this file needs to be updated be sure to drop me an email!! ~Liesl

World Leaders – Types of Government Packet

(update #6 – Sept 2023)


World Leaders Worksheets - Types of Governments and Societies

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