Free Facebook Group

Ready to have some meaningful conversations about the ups & downs of homeschool life?

Join our free Homeschool Den Chat Facebook Group – called Homeschool Den Chat, a community of inspiring, creative, dedicated homeschooling parents!

This is a closed FB group to share what’s working (and what’s not) in your homeschool.  Come join us as we talk about the ups and downs of homeschool life.

  • Share what’s working in your homeschool.
  • Get inspiration from others!
  • Talk about homeschool strategies that work.
  • Learn from one another.

Conversations will start at the beginning of the year. This semester there will be guided conversations:

Mondays: A weekly discussion topic will be posted.

Fridays: Share your homeschool wins in words and pictures. Share inspiring projects, hands-on activities, songs, and resources that have helped move your homeschool to the next level!

This is a group for inspiration, team-work, and on-topic discussions.  As such, this is not a place to buy and sell curriculum (you can do that at, have heated political discussions, and things like that.  Just wanted to be clear right up front that those comments will be deleted.  Sharing links is okay, but only in the context of a conversation and helping others.

We all want to the best instructors, facilitators, and parents we can be.  This is the place where we can recharge our batteries and inspire one another!

You’ll need to request to be added to the Homeschool Den Chat (and with the holidays, I’ll do my best to add you in a timely manner!) ~Liesl