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Online Homeschool Spanish Program:

Sra. Morato - Homeschool Spanish CurriculumAs many of you know, my girls are enrolled in an online Homeschool Spanish Program for elementary students with Sra. Morato. (They love it and have learned SO much! They’re speaking in full sentences now!) Sra. Morato also offers other online Spanish classes.

  • Elementary Spanish Program
  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 3

Registration for this coming year (2019-2020) is now open:

Sra. Morato has 20+ years of teaching experience. She taught in the public schools for 16 years. (Most of her students passed the rigorous IB exam in Spanish.) She then went on to get her Master’s M.A.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and Online Learning. She is a homeschooling parent herself. 🙂

Sra. Morato has courses with weekly live speaking classes.  Spanish Online Classes - Proficiency Levels She also has courses with self-paced/self-study options with teacher support.

  • Elementary Spanish Program – full curriculum plus interactive speaking group classes each week (This is what my girls are enrolled in.)
  • Elementary Spanish Program – full curriculum with community support
  • Spanish 1 Foundation
  • Spanish 2 Beyond Foundation
  • Spanish 3 Advanced Communication

Registration for this next year (2019-2020) is now open. See her website for more details!

She is also happy to jump on a call or talk via email if you’d like more details:

Note, there are limited spaces available for the weekly live Spanish classes.

Here’s a Description of her Spanish 1 Course:

This course introduces the fundamental elements of the Spanish language. It will give your student the knowledge and skills they need to be able to put the language together and start communicating in Spanish through everyday situations. The conversational classes are 100% to accelerate learning and speaking skills. Exploration of the culture is part of the learning journey. When comes to proficiency, the course aims for students to move from novice low level to novice mid-high level. Depending on the student’s language, study and practice skills. Find more details about Spanish 1 here.

Now a little more about the Elementary Spanish Program:

Here is a link to a post I wrote about the Elementary Spanish Program about how it works and why my girls love it. 🙂A complete Spanish Curriculum for the whole familyIt includes

  • teaching videos,
  • online flashcards and games,
  • printable worksheets, flashcards & games
  • weekly group classes (This is what my girls do. They meet each week on Tuesdays with the same group of kids & with Sra. Morato to go over the new material and practice speaking.) OR There is an independent Elementary Spanish Program version that includes online community support.

Spanish Curriculum for Elementary Students - Elementary Spanish CurriculumSpanish Video Lesson - Spanish Educational SolutionsThis program has been created by topic and each topic has 4 or 5 sub-units.

For example, in the first unit, Mi Familia – My Family, students learn words related to their family… (mom, dad, brother, sister). Then they learn say the names of their family members. (My grandmother’s name is…). In the third section, the kids learn some adjectives to be able to describe their sister/brother, etc. [Mi padre es trabajador. My father is hard working.]. They move on to basic  greetings. Finally, the kids start learning to use pronouns – he and she.

Spanish curriculum components finalEach sub-topic has a simple set of vocabulary and an advanced set. So for example in the 1.3 Simple Set, kids learn adjectives such as intelligent or shy. And in the Advanced Set, kids practice saying full sentences… My uncle is neat — Mi tío es desordenado.

Topic 1: My Family – Mi Familia

  • 1.1- Who is my family? ¿Quién es mi familia?
  • 1.2- The name of my family member – ¿Cómo se llama mi familia?
  • 1.3- Describing my family  – ¿Cómo es mi familia?
  • 1.4- Greeting and farewells – Hola, buenos dias, adios  and more!
  • 1.5- He or she?

Each topic builds over time… so students will continue to use the words they learn in previous topics.  Here are the first half-dozen topics (which means a total of 24 lessons – each lesson with a simple and advanced set to work on).

Topic 2 – Spanish Basics

  • 2.1- All about the colors- Los colores
  • 2.2- Shapes- Las Formas o figuras
  • 2.3- Pets- Las Mascotas
  • 2.4- Numbers- Los números

Topic 3- My school

  • 3.1- My Classroom- Mi Salón de Clases
  • 3.2- My school supplies – Mi materiales de la escuela
  • 3.3- My School subjects- Mis materias de la escuela
  • 3.4- My school activities – Mis actividades de la escuela

Topic 4- All about the calendar

  • 4.1- Days of the week- Los días de la semana
  • 4.2- The months – Los meses
  • 4.3- Holidays and Seasons- Los días festivos y las estaciones
  • 4.4- Seasons and weather- Las estaciones y el clima

Topic 5 – My House

  • 5.1- My house- Mi casa
  • 5.2- My bedroom- Mi dormitorio
  • 5.3- My living room/ Bathroom- Mi sala y baño
  • 5.4- My chores- Mis quehaceres

Again, for more information about the Elementary Spanish Program or the Spanish 1, 2 or 3 online courses visit Sra. Morato’s Website:

Spanish Worksheet for Kids

Spanish Packets are Coming Soon!

You can email me if you need/want them now… I’ll bump it up my very long to-do list! At this point, it’s looking like I’ll have time to work on the Spanish Store in April or May 2019. 🙂

As many of you know, I have been working closely with Sra. Morato in the creation of a Spanish Program for Elementary Students.  She and I have been working together to create an amazing program for kids.  I have been helping by creating the worksheet packets.  I’ve shared pictures from time to time of those.

Sra. Morato and I have also been receiving emails and requests to see if the Spanish Worksheet Packets are available for purchase.  Some of you speak Spanish, but want the support of a worksheets geared for kids.  I will be uploading these into the Spanish Store as I have time.  Feel free to reach out by email if you want more information. 🙂  ~Liesl

Note: If you enroll in Sra. Morato’s Elementary Spanish Program these worksheets are all included!!

Spanish Worksheets for Kids - Spanish - Quién es mi familia - Who is My Family

Spanish Worksheets for Kids - 1.2 Spanish Names - Cómo se llama mi familiaSpanish Worksheets for Kids - preparando el desayuno - preparing breakfast Spanish

Grab these free Spanish Worksheets for Kids while you wait!

Los Números – Free Spanish Numbers Worksheets

Los Números – Spanish Numbers Free Worksheets

Free Spanish Worksheet: Parts of the Body – El Cuerpo

free-spanish-worksheet-the-body-el-cuerpoAgain, here’s how you can reach us:

Sra. Morato’s website:

Sra. Morato’s email:

Contact me (Liesl) for more information about the Spanish Worksheets here.