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Liesl HomeschoolDenAbout Me: I’m Liesl and I have been an educator my entire career. Before I had kids, I taught high school (history and German) and college history.  Since having kids, I started making and sharing curriculum packets.  I love trying to make units engaging and hands on, yet in depth!  It’s my passion! We have homeschooled right from the start. You can read more about our homeschool journey here at the About Us page. If you have any questions that have not been answered below, please feel free to email me!

how do I start homeschoolingHow do I start homeschooling? Homeschooling is both wonderful and scary. You have a LOT of flexibility as to what to teach your kids. Yet, with all the choices and options out there it can be very overwhelming and hard to know where to start.  This post offers some starting points: Starting to Homeschool. You might also want to subscribe to our email newsletter. The first 5 emails give some pointers about homeschooling in general and resources we have available (including our free 100-page homeschool planner!)

Homeschooling Multiple AgesHow do I homeschool kids of multiple ages? Again, every family will tackle this differently. For example, my three kids are two years apart so we did science and history and read alouds together over the years. This post has some of my thoughts on  Homeschooling Multiple Ages. It can be hard, but you’ll find what works for your family!

How can I keep my kids engaged and motivated?  Our family loves hands-on homeschooling and these pages have dozens of homeschool teaching strategies and hands-on activity ideas: Hands-On Homeschool Ideas or Homeschool Teaching Strategies

Homeschool Den StoreWhere will I find your units and packets? The best place to start is looking through Our Store. You can also find links to some of our bundles down below. Don’t forget that our German materials (for learning German) are in our German Store. And, our Spanish worksheet materials (for learning Spanish) are located here in our Spanish store.

Homeschool-Freebies-Free-WorksheetsOther Homeschool/Education Resources: We have also hundreds of free printables on the blog that are not in our store. Many of these are seasonal freebies or small worksheets or packets I’ve made for the kids over the years (grammar, history worksheets, and so forth)  There’s a lot to navigate here on our website so be sure to use the SEARCH feature (in the sidebar if you are on a laptop). Two good pages to explore to find some of our freebies are this one and this homeschool resource page. Also this older post: 50 Homeschool Freebies might be helpful. And if you have younger kids, this Preschool Page has a lot of free printables too.

Can I purchase a printed copy of your units? At this time, we only have PDF downloads available.

Are the answers provided? Do I need any special book or text with your packets?   Yes, all of the answers are provided in our packets! No, you do not need a particular book or textbook with any of our packets, though we usually borrow a ton of books from the library to supplement.  Usually the fill-in-the-blank style student pages are followed directly by full-text (teacher) pages which have the answers. The answers are generally not highlighted, though, in case families want students to read the full-text version instead (and not write the answers). I also provide pictures/photos and explanations of the hands-on activities.

Below is a sample from our Digestive System Unit.  You can right click on the picture to see a larger version of this page!

Digestive System Notebook Page SampleDo the units come with Teacher Answer Guides? I do not have a teacher guide per se (explaining what to do the first day, second day etc.) Most of our units include notebook pages (as I talked about above). I would print out the fill-in-the-blank pages with my kids and then I would print out the full-text version for myself.  We would read through these pages together and they would guess the answer (and I would give them the answer from the full-text version). Note: The answers are not highlighted in the full-text version because some families print out the full-text versions for their students to read through instead. We would supplement with books from the library, documentaries and/or other textbooks.

Below is an example of notebook pages from our Ancient China Unit.

Ancient China Notebook PageSome units have worksheets and/or lapbook-interactive notebook pages.  Answers are provided for those as well.

Ancient China Review Worksheet How do I make a purchase:  Click on the Add to Cart button of the unit/s or bundle/s you are interested in (from the store or from posts/pages).  When you are ready to make a purchase, it will take you to Paypal. Upon receipt of payment you will immediately get a link to download this pdf (or pdfs) in your browser. You will also receive an email from SendOwl Downloads to your PayPal email address which will give you a link to download.

How do I add things to my cart? Click on the add to cart button. You’ll see a SendOwl Shopping Cart pop up. Use your back button to go back to the store to add in anything else you want to purchase. This View Cart button will always allow you to check out what’s in your cart again.

How do I remove something from my cart? It should be as easy as moving the down arrow in the cart. I’ll paste in a picture of the shopping cart after I’ve added a couple things in. (The little arrows next to the number 1) Then you just change the quantity to zero and it should disappear!

What if I don’t have a PayPal account? Remember, you do not have to have a PayPal account to make a payment. Select the PayPal Grey Button - Checkout as Guestgrey button “Checkout as Guest.” [The grey button might say “Pay with a debit or credit card or PayPal credit” It said Checkout as Guest when I used an incognito window.]  That gives you the option of paying with a credit card even if you don’t have an actual PayPal account. Just be sure to provide your email address! Here are even more directions (Click on the picture or this link on How to Pay with a Credit Card.)

How to Use a Credit Card to CheckoutClick on Return to Merchant and it should bring up your download link. You will also receive the download link to the email address you provided.Paying with a Credit Card on PayPal

Site Security — Is it safe to make a purchase? You will not be entering any payment or credit card details here on our website, homeschoolden.com.  I use PayPal (which is a secure site) to process payments. Then, I use SendOwl (an automatic delivery service) to send you the download link. Of course, if you have any questions or trouble with your order, you can contact me (Liesl) by email here.

What if I don’t get an email with my download link? You can email me if it doesn’t come within a few mintues! I use an automatic email delivery system called SendOwl.  Every now and then (especially if you have a school generated email) the emails seem to be filtered out. It could be in your spam folder. But, I keep a pretty close eye on email (you know, within reason while I homeschooling the kids and stuff!) and can get that link to you fairly quickly.

Link Expired: Help!  What do I do if I get a Link Expired message? Sometimes when people have a slow internet connection, the download stops. If you ever get this message, just email me and I will reset the number of downloads for you or send you the PDF directly! You can contact me (Liesl) by email here.

I lost my download link! Can you help? Of course!  Just email me with your name and/or PayPal email address and I will get that link for you!

Can I share this packet with other classroom teachers? No, you have to purchase a multi-classroom license. You cannot share these packets with other educators.  You would have to purchase an additional multi-classroom license to share a unit with other teachers. A multi-classroom license is 90% of the product price. So if you purchase one unit for $10 that can be used by a single teacher and all of that one teacher’s students. For a multi-classroom license that covers all the 3 teachers in your school grade the total would be $19. (Full price + 90%).  You would need to contact me to make arrangements for that.

I need an invoice for my school. What do I do? You will receive an automatic order receipt from SendOwl (the delivery service I use) which includes the date, order ID, customer name, products purchased,  prices and total.  If you need something slightly different feel free to contact me.

Will I get any updates to your units or bundles?  Yes! You will NOT have to purchase the unit or bundle again!  You will get any updates that I make to the packets (and any additional packets I add to the bundles).  You will get an email from SendOwl  (to your PayPal email address). I’ll let you know what was added. That email will also include your download link again.

More homeschool questions:

reating-homeschool-curriculum-grade-2-3-free-resource-guideWhat do I teach my kindergartner or my 8-year old or my 6th grader or high schooler? Each family is completely different, but I’ve created some free curriculum resource guides to share what our family has done over the years. These are 30-pages or so and share the kinds of things we covered in each grade. Remember that I have three kids and we did some subjects together, so I would adapt the material to fit both my youngest and my oldest (which is why are packets work well for homeschooling families or for teachers with students of different abilities.) You will find these free guides at this page:

New to Our Blog? Start here!  Scroll down and you’ll see the section Homeschool Curriculum - Free Resource Guide for Grade 4-5Creating Your Own Homeschool Curriculum  You will be able to download any (or all) of the free homeschool resource guides for K-1, Grades 2-3, 4-5, 6-8 (middle school) or high school.

Free Science Checklist - Elementary Middle School

What other packets do you have available? You can check out Our Store for details about our other packets.  Some of our other Bundles include the Human Body Bundle, Earth Science Bundles, Chemistry Bundle, Biology Bundle of 5 (upper elementary & middle School), Big Animal Bundle (for early elementary), K-2 Math BundleMultiplication/Division Bundle, and Spelling Bundle.

Human Body Bundle

Human Body Systems BUNDLEEarth Science Bundles,Earth Science UNITS - Homeschool Science Curriculum Earth Science Bundle of 4Chemistry Bundle

Chemistry BUNDLE Biology Bundle of 5 (for upper elementary or middle school)

Biology BUNDLE of 5 UnitsBig Animal Bundle (for early elementary)

Big Animal BUNDLE - Worksheets and Activities Rainforests World Animals Life Cycles Hibernation Polar Animals and More Animal Unit - 100-page Animal Characteristics Vertebrates Invertebrates Spiders Insects Animal Homes and moreRainforest Unit - Animals and Insects of the Rainforest Layers of the Rainforest and moreSimple Machines

Simple Machines Unit

Multiplication/Division Bundle

Multiplication Bundle worksheets-games-activities-skip-counting-mazes-and-more Multiplication Worksheets 2s 3s 4s Multiplication Worksheets 6s 7s Multiplication Worksheets 8s 9s K-2 Math Bundle


A few close-ups of what is included:

Addition-Subtraction-GameDays of the Week Months of the Year Seasons Worksheets and Booklethttps://homeschoolden.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Dragon-Math-Packet-for-Ages-4-6.jpg

Addition Subtraction - Cars Worksheet Packet

Subtraction Packet - Spring ThemeMontessori-Style-Addition-Worksheets

Spelling Bundle

Spelling BUNDLE - Activities and Games

And of course, you’ll find many other packets in Our Store

Homeschool Unit Studies - History GeographyUSA States and Capitals PacketWorld Facts Packet

Middle Ages Unit - Worksheets, Chronology Cards, Notebook Pages, Feudalism Simulation, ActivitiesMIddle Ages Event Cards  Ancient Egypt - Notebook Pages, Chronology Cards, Mythology ActivitiesAncient Egypt Lapbook Interactive Notebook PiecesWorld War I Unit (a upper middle school or high school unit): see this post for details:WWI Unit World War I Packet - 75+ pagesWorld War II Unit (a upper middle school or high school unit): see this post for details:

World War II Unit - Notebook Pages -Timeline -Worksheets -Other Activities

Here are a couple other resources that might be helpful:

Homeschool Goal Setting 1

Free Homeschool Planning Guide - Homeschool Planner

Free 2021-2022 Printable Calendar pdf freebie

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