World War II Unit

Our 150-page World War II unit covers many of the basic events from the post-WWI era through the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

The WWII Packet includes notebook pages, worksheets, timelines, interactive notebook pages and other activities.

World War II Unit - Packet of Worksheets, Notebook Pages and Other Activities

Here is Table of Contents for this WWII Unit:

  • Timeline of 1920-1930s Events
  • Post WWI Events – Notebook Pages and Teacher (Full Text) pages

Pre World War II Events - Worksheets

  • Rise of Hitler, Anti-Semitism, Inflation, anti-Jewish measures

World War II - 1930s GermanyWorld War II History - Notebook Pages

  • Map Work (pre-WWI, post-WWI)
  • The Holocaust – Einsatzgruppen, Final Solution
  • Post WWI Political Extremists – Totalitarianism, Fascism

Political Extremists - Totalitarian and Fascist Dictators

  • WWII Begins: Tensions in Europe Increase (Maginot Line, Sudetenland, Appeasement, Poland, Fall of France
  • U.S. & WWII (Cash-and-Carry, Lend-Lease, Pearl Harbor)
  • The U.S. Mobilizes for War (Women in WWII, War Economy)

US Mobilizes for War - WWII Worksheets

  • Allied Leaders
  • Development of the Bomb

Race to Build the Atomic Bomb Worksheets

  • Key battles of World War II

Key Battles oF World War II - WorksheetsThere are six sections after the Timeline of WWII Battles:

  • WWII Battles in (Western) Europe
  • WWII Battles in the Soviet Union
  • WWII in North Africa
  • Key Conferences (Atlantic, Teheran, Yalta, Potsdam, etc.)
  • WWII Battles in the Pacific Region
  • WWII Battles – Chronologically

How we used this material: I printed out the student, fill-in-the-blank pages for my kids and the full-text version for myself.  Then we would go over the material together and they would fill in the missing words.  As you’ll see, we covered some of the same material at different points of the unit (just to help cement in that information).

What Age is this WWII Unit for?  We did this unit with my kids who were ages 16, 14 and 12, so it probably best for late middle school and high school. (In fact, some of this material is from when I taught AP history and history on the college level.)

Bomb By Steve SheinkinMy kids really loved this unit.  We highly recommend the Holocaust TV Mini-Series starring Meryl Streep. And, we also read Bomb: The Race to Build and Steal – the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon which we highly recommend!! (affiliate link)  It was full of intrigue and was a fascinating account of how the bomb was built. Plus, it makes the perfect segue for studying the Cold War.

Note: There is a lot included in this packet, but remember that you don’t have to cover everything! This is a unit I have taught at least a dozen times over the course of my career (I taught history on the high school and college level for many years).  Each time, I have emphasized different things! Pick and choose the material that works for you. (When I did this unit with my kids last year, we didn’t get to everything, though I have included that material in this packet.) There is SO much to learn in history, it is never really possible to go into as much depth as you could!

Do I need a special book or textbook with this unit? A question I’m often asked regarding our units: Do I need to buy a specific textbook or book to go with these units? No, these units are meant to supplement whatever curriculum or textbook (or books from the library) you choose.  There are extensive notes provided, so you do not have to do extra research in order to use this resource. The teacher notes provided can be read together with your student/s or you can read over the teacher notes while your students use fill-in-the-blank type pages that accompany them. For the interactive notebook pages, students can use the cut-and-paste notes provided or can do research and write in their own answers.

The WWII Unit is 150 pages. This packet is a pdf-download. You will receive a download link from SendOwl, the delivery service I use.

This unit is currently $9.99.

World War II Unit


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World War II Unit - Notebook Pages -Timeline -Worksheets -Other ActivitiesIf you have any questions, feel free to email me! ~Liesl

By the way, we studied WWI prior to doing this unit. You can find out more about our World War I Unit here. You can purchase that with the link below or in our store.

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