Geographic Features, Landform Words & Topographic Map Activities – World Facts Packet Update!

World Facts Packet - Geography LandformsAs we start back to school, we are spending some time working on some geography skills again.  I added an entirely new section into the World Facts Packet about geographic features and landforms (terms such as bay, gulf, sound, atoll, channel, strait, cape, mesa, butte and many more). In addition to working with physical maps, we’ll also do a number of activities about topographic maps. I also added in some fun activities to help learn about famous world landmarks.

In all, I have added nearly 50 pages to the World Facts packet, so it is now over 70 pages!!

World Facts Packet - 70 page unit basic world facts geographic features landforms deserts world landmarks and more

As many of you know, the first part of this packet focuses on basic world facts. We covered some of these topics:

  • What are the largest countries? the countries with the largest populations? the largest cities?
  • What is the longest river? tallest mountain? wettest place on earth? the deepest spot?
  • One page that is really intriguing is when the world population reached 1 billion, 2 billion, 3 billion, 4 billion, 5 billion and 6 billion.  The answers really shocked me!
  • There is also a USA fact page (the largest and smallest states, the state with the largest population, the longest river, etc.)
  • There is a USA river page
  • There are some pages that can be used for student research.

World Facts Packet

Famous World Landmark: Montessori Cards, Worksheet, Bingo Cards

World Landmark Cards - worksheet and bingo cards

This section includes Montessori 3-part cards. These can also be used for a memory game.

(Place all the cards face-down. Try to find matching pairs with the picture and word cards.) It also includes a matching page. And, it includes 8 world landmark bingo cards (that have just been added to the packet!).

On the first day, we looked over all the world landmarks.  The kids looked at their worksheet but did not fill in the answers (they just pointed with their fingers). The second day, we played bingo with the world landmark pictures. (I showed the picture card when they needed help.) On subsequent days we continued to review these (playing the bingo cards), I started to show the pictures less frequently.

We laminated the bingo cards and used a dry-erase marker to cross off the pictures as the landmark was called out.

World Landmark Cards worksheet bingo cardsMy kids really love puzzles and I thought I would also mention that after we spent time on the World Landmarks games and activities (see the picture above of the bingo games and matching page) I had them do a Ravensburger World Landmarks Puzzle. (affiliate link) If your kids like puzzles, you might want to check this one out!:

World Landmarks Puzzle

Geographic Features and Landform Words:  Notebook pages, tracing pages (for younger kids), matching page

I wanted to be sure the kids also knew the various geographic features and landform vocabulary.  Of course, they knew the basics like lakes, islands, peninsula but we also went over terms such as

  • archipelago
  • atoll
  • cape
  • bay, gulf, sound
  • mesa
  • butte
  • reservoir
  • strait, channel
  • lagoon

and others.

Geographic Features Landform Words Worksheets Activity PagesIf your kids are younger, they might enjoy creating these landforms with clay. Below you can see some of the features my kids made: a lake, island, bay and peninsula. They really enjoyed that and pouring blue water in when they were done!

landform activity - geography-termsThis time around, my youngest is going to create the landform features with slices of bread laid out on blue paper. We haven’t gotten to that yet, but I’ll add in a photo when she does that!

Here is a quick picture of the Landform Activity Pages:

Landform Worksheets and Activities


A couple of years ago, when we did our Ocean Unit we spent quite a bit of time learning the location of the world oceans, seas and straits. I wanted to focus on some of the world deserts.  We focused on 15: Kara-kum  Gobi  Sahara  Arabian  Thar  Great Basin    Australian   Patagonian  Namib   Chihuahuan and others.

There are several pages in this section.  Each day, I had the kids fill in 4 or 5 deserts on their worksheet.  In the picture below, we were running out of blue ink for the picture that DD is filling in!)  I also made a pin map — and the instructions and printable for that are included in the pin map. The good thing about the pin map is that sometime during the day I would have the kids put in the deserts we had gone over. I could quickly check their work or they could check their answers with the answer page (lower left).

Deserts of the World worksheets and pin map Topographic Maps

We have several activities planned for this part of the unit.  I wanted to share the update with you sooner than later, so I’ll probably come back and add in more details in the next couple of weeks. Here are some of the hands-on activities we plan to do so that the kids really understand how contour maps work.

Topographic Map Activities Quick Preview for the World Facts Packet

Our World Facts packet is now 70+ pages (including answer pages).  This packet is $6.99.

World Facts Packet

To Make a Purchase:  Once you pay for this packet, you will immediately receive a link to download this file (which will open in a browser window).  You will also receive an email from Sendowl (the service I use) to your PayPal email address, which will have a link you can click on to download the World Facts packet.  (It will say, “You can download your digital products…” with a clickable link.)  Of course, if you have any issues just email me at — liesl at homeschoolden dot com.  You can also reach me by using the contact form on the blog. ~Liesl

Purchase the World Facts Packet – Geographic Features, Landforms, Topographic Maps and more


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

World Facts Packet - Geographic Features Landform Words Topographic Maps

World Facts Packet

World Facts Packet - Geography Landforms

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