Ocean, Seas and Straits – Pin Map Printable

Last week we started on our ocean unit — the hydrosphere.

We were pretty busy with other things, so we spent most of the week simply going over some of the major oceans, seas and straits.  I made a pin map and the kids worked on about a dozen places.  You’ll find the free printable below.

Ocean-Seas-Straits-Pin-Map  For those of you who may be interested in making your own pin map, I’ll explain how we made ours.

  • We laminated our world map.
  • We took five sheets of foam and stacked them on top of each other.  We placed a thick piece of cardboard on the bottom.
  • We took clear packing tape and taped the cardboard and stacks of foam together.
  • We placed the laminated map on top and then used clear packing tape to tape it to the stack.

Making-a-Pin-MapNext, we made the pin pieces:

  • We laminated the labels and then cut them out.
  • We put a straight pin (with a plastic knob at the top) through the right side of the label.
  • We cut strips of packing tape and taped both sides of the label so that the pin will not slide out.

Homemade-Pin-MapI also laminated the answer sheet to make sure it’s durable. There are numbers on the pin map pieces that correspond with the numbers on the map.


Oceans Seas Straits Pin Map


This is our last unit of the four major earth systems. You’ll find a free printable about the 4 Major Earth Systems here:


We really loved our study of the world oceans. Find out more about our 65+ page Ocean Unit here: We did a ton of hands-on activities and learned a lot – from marine habitats and ocean currents to learning about the ocean floors and bioluminescence!

Ocean-Unit-100 Pages Marine-Habitats-Ocean-Currents-Tides-BioluminescenceOcean Unit StudyMarine-Habitat-Worksheets-CardsCoral Reef Notebook Pages - WorksheetsLayers-of-the-Ocean-Activities

Here are some of the other major systems we covered:

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