Ocean Unit Packet: Marine Habitats, Tides, Currents, Ocean Floor, Ocean Life, Bioluminescence and More!

I created this Ocean Unit because I could not find any curriculum that tackled all the topics I wanted to cover. In our ocean studies we explored

  • Marine HabitatsOcean-Unit-100 Pages Marine-Habitats-Ocean-Currents-Tides-Bioluminescence
  • Coral Reefs
  • Tide Pools
  • Water Form Words (bay, estuary, lagoon, fjord, etc.)
  • Features of the Ocean Floor (trench, seamount, guyot, etc.)
  • Ocean Navigation (early navigation with astrolabes & the Ocean Unit - What causes tides - spring neap tide worksheetsconstellations, modern SONAR)
  • Salinity
  • Tides
  • Ocean Currents (Surface & Deep Sea Currents)
  • Ocean Life:
    • Special Body Features
    • Fish Body Shape and Movement
    • Biological Interactions: Mutualism and Commensalism in the Ocean
    • Ocean Zones - Layers of the Ocean ActivityDeep Sea Life – Bioluminescence, Anglerfish
  • The Ocean Zones
  • There are lots of hands-on activity ideas included too!

We also talked about the ocean zones and different layers of the ocean again (which we covered three or four years ago).

Ocean Unit - Marine Habitats Coral Reefs Tide Pools Tides Currents Ocean Zones Bioluminescence Worksheets and moreScroll down to see pictures of the ocean worksheets, notebook pages and Montessori cards included in this packet!

Answer Keys are provided with the notebook pages.

Recommended Ages: We did this unit in middle school, but it can be adapted for ages 10-15 or so. My kids were ages 8, 10 and 13 when we first did this unit.  My youngest is now age 12 and she’s doing this unit again in middle school (since she was pretty young the first time we did the unit!).

Ocean Packet (100+ Pages): (You can scroll down below to see some photos of the pages that are included in this unit.)

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The ocean unit is included in the Biology Bundle. (See details in our Store, at the Biology Bundle of 6 page, or down below).

Ocean Unit Packet AND Layers of the Ocean Activities Packet


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Ocean-Unit-100 Pages Marine-Habitats-Ocean-Currents-Tides-Bioluminescence

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NOTE: The Ocean Unit is included in the Biology Bundle of 5. (See this post or more details below).

And now, a bit more detail about what is included in the 100+ Page Ocean Packet:

Marine Habitats:

Marine-Habitat-Worksheets-CardsCoral Reefs:

Corals and Coral Reefs Worksheets - Notebook Pages and Lapbook Activity Coral Reef Notebook Pages - WorksheetsTide Pools:

Tide Pools WorksheetsWater Form Words:

Ocean Unit - Water Form Words WorksheetFeatures of the Ocean Floor (and activity ideas):

Features-of-the-Ocean-Floor-WorksheetsFeatures of the Ocean Floor Worksheets

Latitude - Longitude Activities and WorksheetsEarly Navigation: (and activity ideas)


SONAR-notebook-pagesSalinity: Ocean-Unit-Salinity-Activities

Ocean Tides and Currents (and activity ideas):Ocean Unit - what causes tidesSpring-and-Neap-TidesOcean Life:  Special Body Features, Body Shape and MovementFish-Body-Shape-Features-WorksheetsBioluminescence:Bioluminescence-WorksheetsLayers-of-the-Ocean-Activities

Here’s what one Homeschool Mom said over on TpT about the Ocean Unit in Feb. 2020:

Awesome product! Highly recommend! One of my kiddos’ favorite units and this product helped with layers of ocean, animals, and made it fun, hands-on, something she looked forward to working on! Used with supplementing home school curriculum.

We had an amazing time with this unit! As I mentioned in previous posts, we learned a *ton* from the Blue Planet (affiliate link – available on DVD and Amazon streaming), an amazing documentary about the history of the world’s oceans and ocean life.  We watched all 8 episodes and the kids absolutely *loved* the series!! This unit was much more meaningful with the stunning footage and information the kids learned in this series.

The Blue PlanetThen the kids did a number of hands-on activities and worked on the various notebook pages in this packet.  I’ve already shared a lot of the details about our hands-on ocean activities, so I’ll just provide links to those (they are also included in the packet as well):

Other notebook pages in the Ocean Packet not shown above: Earth systems (an introduction to the hydrosphere as one of the 4 major Earth systems);  Earth’s crust (highest and lowest points on Earth), Earth’s Oceans – The Hydrosphere: A page with basic information about Earth’s oceans; divides and watersheds and an ocean drainage map, biological interactions of some ocean organisms – examples of mutualism and commensalism.


Our units are PDF digital downloads.

Visit this Biology Bundle Page for more details (and lots more pictures!)

$44.99 Biology BUNDLE of 7: 1) Biology Unit (Biomes, habitats, food chains/webs, feeding relationships) 2)  Scientific Classification & Taxonomy Packet 3) Ocean Unit & Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone Activities 4) Cells Unit 5) Botany Unit 6) Pathogens Unit – Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungi, Parasites/worms; Viruses and Prions 7) New! The Cell Cycle and Mitosis

Again, you can see the Biology BUNDLE Page for lots more pictures!

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Biology BUNDLE of 7 Biology Cells Ocean Plant Kingdom Pathogens Mitosis and more

$8.99 Biology Unit: Biomes, habitats, ecosystem, biological interactions, feeding relationships (170 pages)

$8.99  Cells Unit (150+ pages) – cell theory, prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells, animal vs. plant cells, organelles of the cell, chloroplast anatomy, the layers of a leaf, photosynthesis and more.

$7.99 Botany Packet — (80 pages) Plant Classification, Life Cycle of the Moss, Fern, Conifer, Angiosperms, Parts of a Flower, Parts of a Seed, Seed & Fruit Development, Monocots vs Dicots – plus Carnivorous Plants Mini-Unit

$8.99 Ocean Unit – Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone: (100+ pages) Marine Habitats, Coral Reefs, Tide Pools, Water Form Words, Ocean navigation, Features of the ocean floor, salinity, ocean tides & currents, ocean life, bioluminescence & more!

$7.99 Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Packet (100 pages) dichotomous key activity, Linnaeus & the history of classification, learn the Animalia phyla (Annelids, Platyhelminthes, Nematodes, Cnidaria, Animalia, etc.)

$8.99 Pathogens Packet (100 pages) – This unit covers the six major living and nonliving pathogens: bacteria, protozoa, fungi and parasites/worms as well as viruses and prions. The large majority of this packet goes into detail about bacteria and viruses.

 $5.99  The Cell Cycle and Mitosis Packet (50+ pages) – This unit covers topics/terms such as cell division, cell death (apoptosis), nucleosomes, histones, binary fission, chromatin, chromosomes, centromere, sister chromatids, and the lifespan of human cells as well as the stages of the cell cycle including interphase (G1, S, G2) and mitosis (prophase, anaphase, metaphase, telophase, cytokinesis)

Biology Packet Ecosystems Biomes Habitats Food Chains Food Webs Symbiosis Population WorksheetsCell Unit - Plant and Animal Cell Worksheets and ActivitiesScientific Classification and Taxonomy Unit for Middle School and early High School Ocean Unit - Marine Habitats Coral Reefs Tide Pools Tides Features of the Ocean Floor Fish Shapes and more worksheetsPathogens Unit - Worksheets and Activities on Bacteria Virus Protozoa Parasites Fungi PrionsCell Cycle and Mitosis Worksheet PacketAgain, you can see the Biology BUNDLE Page for lots more pictures!

Biology BUNDLE of 7 - cells biology pathogens oceans taxonomy mitosis and moreBiology BUNDLE of 3 - Biology - Taxonomy - Ocean Unit

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Earth’s Four Systems: Atmosphere, Geosphere (Earth Science Unit), Biosphere, Hydrosphere

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