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Learning Sign Language for Older Kids (and Parents!) 0

Learning Sign Language for Older Kids (and Parents!)

Learning Sign Language for  Older Kids (and Parents!) Several of the high schools around here offer ASL as one of languages students can learn in school.  I have my own reasons for wanting the kids to learn American Sign Language with me… The past couple of months, I have struggled to come to terms with becoming completely deaf in one ear. I have been hard of hearing since I was in...


Signing with Babies and Toddlers (Baby Sign Language)

Signing with Your Baby and Toddlers Baby Signing — Our family decided to sign with each of our babies/tots. Our children all had normal hearing, but I learned that kids could control their hands and fingers and could therefore communicate by sign much earlier than with speech. It seemed like a good idea and most of my friends were doing simple signs with their babies/tots too.  We were SO glad...