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Cute Safety Books for Kids (ages 4-7) 2

Cute Safety Books for Kids (ages 4-7)

Here are two books that have made the kids laugh a lot, while covering some important safety tips… Things like… Don’t take rides from strangers. Never stand on a swivel chair. In case of fire — Get outside as fast as possible and don’t stop to take along your favorite things. We borrowed a book from the library that was so funny! It’s called Dinosaurs Beware! A Safety Guide by...


Brush Your Teeth! (another experiment)

A couple of weeks ago I saw some cute preschool activities about dental health at 2 Teaching Mommies, I was inspired!  We didn’t get to Amber’s ideas, but we did fit in the science activities from 1st grade with Miss Snowden. After talking about the germs in our house (see this post), it seemed fitting to talk about the germs in our mouths. I hard-boiled six white eggs and we...

Where do Germs Grow? 24

Germ Experiment — Where Do Germs Grow in Your House??!

Germ Experiment: When I saw this germ experiment, I knew we had to add this into our unit on First Aid. After all keeping ourselves healthy is as important as patching up the injuries, right?! The experiment called for gelatin, sugar and petri dishes. We didn’t have petri dishes so used paper cups and covered them immediately with glad wrap in lieu of a cover. Boil 1/2 cup of water...

First Aid – Snakes, Spiders and Ticks (Day 5) 2

First Aid – Snakes, Spiders and Ticks (Day 5)

A few days ago our first aid topic was on snake, spider and tick bites. First we went over the venomous snakes in our area and then went over some other venomous snakes they might encounter in America. Then we went over some of the basic first aid measures you should take if bitten by a venomous snakes. In the picture they are trying to take off my ring. We...

First Aid and Fire Safety (Day 3-4) 2

First Aid and Fire Safety (Day 3-4)

Fire Safety  We were quite overdue for a review of some basic fire safety rules.  Even though we’ve lived here for a year and a half, we hadn’t made a family meeting spot outside in case of emergency. Nor had we gone over in detail how the kids can escape from their room in case of emergency. We talked about what to do if your clothes or hair catches fire....

First Aid and Fire Safety (Day 2) 2

First Aid and Fire Safety (Day 2)

The next topic we covered was on broken bones. We talked about immobilizing the bone. I told them the story of when my sister broke her arm. My parents wrapped a magazine around her arm and secured it before rushing her off to the hospital.  We practiced wrapping the arm and they learned how to make a sling.

First Aid and Fire Safety 0

First Aid and Fire Safety

One of the things hubby and I wanted to be sure cover again this year was emergency situations.  I’m a bit ashamed to say that we hadn’t gone over this for close to two years.  Most of this information was new to ED. The first day, I went over first aid for cuts.  ED helped me to ‘prepare’ my arm so she wasn’t afraid (she drew on my arm with...

Theme Time: Fire Safety 0

Theme Time: Fire Safety

Today our theme time table included all thingsfire related: little fire trucks, a fire hat, fire typebooks and a non-working telephone. At lunch I ready a couple of books (The Fire Catand The Polka Dot Puppy about a cat/dog who getsadopted by a fire station). After lunch we allgathered together and had a serious talk aboutfire safety. It’s been quite a long time (gulp!) sincewe talked about this, but LD...

Fire Safety Activity 0

Fire Safety Activity

Before starting, we tested our smoke alarms.Be sure you do this soon too! Now on to the activity!! I set up a few obstacles and the kids had togo through the blinding smoke safely andquickly. I talked to them about how confusingand scary it might be if they couldn’t see. Andhow they should cover their mouth with acloth and try to stay as low to the ground aspossible (things like...