Theme Time: Fire Safety

Today our theme time table included all things
fire related: little fire trucks, a fire hat, fire type
books and a non-working telephone.

At lunch I ready a couple of books (The Fire Cat
and The Polka Dot Puppy about a cat/dog who gets
adopted by a fire station). After lunch we all
gathered together and had a serious talk about
fire safety. It’s been quite a long time (gulp!) since
we talked about this, but LD remembered most
everything. We talked about what to do in case
of a fire. How they could get out of each room. We
talked about where our family “meeting zone” is
in case of a fire/emergency. We practiced getting
to the safety zone (front gate).

We also practiced calling triple zero (000) for
emergency services (and I mentioned that this is
different in the States in case we move there in
the next few months). We made practice calls to
on the (non-working) phone, told them our name,
our phone number, our address, and explained
what the emergency was.

When we came back in, we practiced STOP!
DROP! ROLL!! And we talked about how if
you need to help someone you throw a blanket
on them (the dog really got into this activity!)

FINALLY (said LD!!) it was time for their FAVORITE
fire safety drill. Covering their mouth and staying
low through thick smoke. Here are the pics…

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