Fire Safety Activity

Before starting, we tested our smoke alarms.
Be sure you do this soon too!

Now on to the activity!!

I set up a few obstacles and the kids had to
go through the blinding smoke safely and
quickly. I talked to them about how confusing
and scary it might be if they couldn’t see. And
how they should cover their mouth with a
cloth and try to stay as low to the ground as
possible (things like that).

We’ve done this before and it has really stuck
with them. And, needless to say, we spent
more than an hour setting up new obstacles
and venturing down the hall. I was surprised
that ED wanted the blindfold on. Last year
DD was too scared to do it with a blindfold
(though NOT THIS YEAR she told me proudly!)

LD practiced being a real fireman with a heavy
backpack on his back as well. He loved this
new twist!

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