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Sunflower Unit - Lapbook for early elementary 0

Sunflower Mini-Unit

Happy Summer! Grab the new Sunflower Packet while it’s FREE! This Sunflower Mini-Unit is for students to learn all about sunflowers: how tall they grow, where they originated, and other sunflower facts. It also covers what plants need, the different parts of a sunflower and the sunflower life cycle. This Sunflower Mini-Unit includes lapbook or interactive notebook pieces, life cycle cards, and more! I hope your kids enjoy this! Sunflower...

Producers Consumers Decomposers Detritivores Worksheet Packet 0

Producer Consumer Decomposer Packet

I have just added a new Producer Consumer Decomposer – Detritivore Packet to the Nature Studies BUNDLE! This 50+page packet includes worksheets, notebook pages and other activities that cover some of differences between producers, consumers, decomposers and detritivores: Producers make their own food. Consumers eat other living plants and animals for food. Detritivores eat dead organisms and wastes. Decomposers break down dead, organic materials into even smaller nutrients. The Producer...

Camouflage Unit worksheets sorting cards notebook pages activities 0

Camouflage Packet

How do animals camouflage themselves in the wild? This 70-page Camouflage Packet includes notebook pages, sorting cards, worksheets and other activities all about the different types of animal camouflage, disguise, mimicry and more! Camouflage helps animals disguise their appearance in order to blend in with their surroundings. Students will learn about some of the different camouflage tactics, from simple color matching to sophisticated mimicry. Camouflage and Mimicry Notebook Pages Camouflage...