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Age of Exploration Unit

Age of Exploration Packet Update! We are just finishing our unit on the Age of Exploration and I wanted to let you know that I have added a lot of new materials to this packet including new notebook pages, map worksheets and a new lapbook/interactive notebook activity! This time as we started the Age of Exploration Unit, we went over some background about world trade at the time. We talked...

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Age of Exploration Packet

Are you doing a unit on the Age of Exploration? Learn about all the famous explorers with this 70+page Age of Exploration Packet!  It includes worksheets/notebook pages, cards, and activities about the famous Explorers of the 1500s. Learn about: Prince Henry the Navigator Bartolomeu Dias Vasco da Gama Christopher Columbus John Cabot Amerigo Vespucci Vasco Núñez de Balboa Juan Ponce de León Ferdinand Magellan Hernán Cortés Francisco Pizarro Hernando de...