Cute Safety Books for Kids (ages 4-7)

Here are two books that have made the kids laugh a lot, while covering some important safety tips… Things like…

  • Don’t take rides from strangers.
  • Never stand on a swivel chair.
  • In case of fire — Get outside as fast as possible and don’t stop to take along your favorite things.

We borrowed a book from the library that was so funny! It’s called Dinosaurs Beware! A Safety Guide by Marc Brown. It’s got those reminders that you want every child to remember… Never play with electric sockets and plugs; always put tools back where they belong; during a thunderstorm stay out of the water and away from trees, etc. but the illustrations make the book really hilarious!  The kids and I both laughed aloud quite a bit!

On a similar note, my kids really love Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann. Officer Buckle is a policeman who gives safety speeches at local schools with a dog who helps. Again, this book make me (and the kids, of course) laugh pretty hard!

Two thumbs up for both these books!

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  1. Holly says:

    i love you site. i have used and loved so many things you have to offer children. my 5 yr old is being home schooled. while her 3 yr old sister learns with her this is such an amazing experience for me. thank you for all the tips.

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