Free World Map Printables, World at Night Images, Outline Maps, etc.

Today I’m going to share some free printable world maps and other images (like the world at night, etc.). These are pages that we’ll be using when we start back up with school again.  The beautiful images are from NASA. I especially like the images of Earth and the USA at night.  Hope someone finds this useful! ~Liesl

Free Printable World Map, Outline Maps


You can use the images in the printable to make a world pin map. What is a pin map?    Below some photos of DD using the Montessori-style world pin map (quite a long time ago, obviously!!). The printable I used (years ago) is no long available, but I have made something similar  Montessori World Map image below.

How do you make a pin map?  I laminated the map, used packing tape to tape it to several layers of foam, with cardboard on the very bottom to stop the straight pins from going all the way through. I typed up the names of the continents and laminated them. I put straight pins through each label and used clear packing tape to keep the pins in place.  This is an activity the kids started doing when they were about 2-3 years old.


When the kids were really little, we used to sing the 7 Continents song together.  Someone once asked me to help her with the melody so I made this quick little video of how we used the pin map (with the kids singing the song). If you click on the image, that will take you to that post.

7-continents-songWe also did this activity:

Where I Live Activity Packet: My galaxy, solar system, planet, continent, country, state, town, and home! I

Where I Live and Montessori World Map ActivitiesYou can find out more about our Montessori World Map Activities here. Not only does it include world pin map templates, but also a number of worksheets, 3-part cards, matching cards and more.

Montessori World Map Activities and 3-Part Cards

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