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World Facts Packet - Geographic Features Landform Words Topographic Maps 2

Geographic Features, Landform Words & Topographic Map Activities – World Facts Packet Update!

When we start off the new school year, I want the kids to go over some basic world facts again.  Do they remember… What are the four largest countries? (Russia, Canada, the U.S.A., China) What countries have the most people? (China, India, the U.S.A.) What are the world’s largest cities? (Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul) Which countries have the longest life expectancy? (Monaco, Macau, Japan) What are the major religions? The packet...

Britain geography landmarks packet 2

Britain Geography and Landmarks Packet

Today I have a new packet to share with you about the geography and famous landmarks of Britain.  We have been studying the history of Britain.  I wanted the kids to be familiar with some of the well-known places of London (and Britain in general). That way, when we talk about places like the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey, they would be able to envision these famous buildings. Better...


Free World Map Printables, World at Night Images, Outline Maps, etc.

Today I’m going to share some free printable world maps and other images (like the world at night, etc.). These are pages that we’ll be using when we start back up with school again.  The beautiful images are from NASA. I especially like the images of Earth and the USA at night.  Hope someone finds this useful! ~Liesl Free Printable World Map, Outline Maps You can use the images in the printable...