13 Colonies Packet

Thirteen Colonials Unit! 70-pages

This year we are studying American history.  We have just finished our unit on the establishment of the thirteen colonies. This new 70-page packet includes notebook pages and chronology cards that cover the 13 colonies and how they were established.  These worksheets and cards cover Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay and others!

13 Colonies Worksheet PacketThis packet also goes into some detail about the Puritans and some well-known Puritan leaders because we are reading the Scarlet Letter for literature. 🙂

It also touches on the Salem Witch Trials and Bacon’s Rebellion.

Salem Witch Trials Worksheets and ActivitySalem Witch Trial Transcripts: Working with Primary Documents

My kids did an assignment where they had to read some of the transcripts from the Salem Witch Trials and discover what evidence was used against the person they chose.  The links and instructions are included in this packet. They really enjoyed delving into that and were pretty astonished by the “evidence” that was used to convict these people!

13 Thirteen Colonies Worksheets

Establishing the 13 Colonies Notebook Pages:

As I mentioned above, this packet starts with Roanoke and then goes on to cover

  • Jamestown
  • Plymouth
  • Well–known Puritans
  • New Netherlands
  • Massachusetts Bay; there’s also a page on the historical characters mentioned in the Scarlet Letter (which is set in the 1640s in Massachusetts Bay Colony)
  • Maryland
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut, New Hampshire, Delaware, the Carolinas
  • New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia

There are three notebook page options:

  1. A blank student notebook page.
  2. A fill-in-the-blank page.
  3. A teacher page (or one that you can read aloud with your students) with the full notes.

Establishing the Colonies - Plymouth Notebook Pages - WorksheetsChoose the option that works best for your family/students!!

How do we use the pages?  Usually, I print out the full version and read that aloud while the kids take notes on either the fill-in-the-blank option or the blank page (depending on how much of a rush we are in!!).  Your kids can use the blank notebook pages provided to do their own research and write their own account.

There are also chronology cards that cover these key colonies and events.

American Colonies - Chronology CardsColonial America Chronolgy CardsHope you learn as much as we did! ~Liesl

13 Colonies Packet

The 13 Colonies packet is about 70-pages.  This packet is $6.99.

13 Colonies Unit


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13 Colonies Unit – a 70-page unit that covers Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Pennsylvania, Georgia and the others. Plus, it explores the Puritans, Salem Witch Trials & Bacon’s Rebellion.

Be sure to email me if you have any questions! ~Liesl

13 Colonies Unit Notebook Pages and Worksheets - American History

American Revolution Unit

You might also be interested in our unit on the American Revolution Unit.

$6.99 American Revolution Packet

American Revolution Unit - Worksheets and Activities  American Revolution Notebook Pages American Revolution Worksheets Notebook Pages Chronology Cards and MoreAmerican Revolution Note-Taking BookletAmerican Revolution Booklet Teacher Notes Provided

Why was the American Revolution fought?  In this unit we went into a lot of depth about the affairs in the colonies leading up to the American Revolution. We tried to look at all sides of the conflicts of the 1700s. What propelled people to take sides?  What advantages did various sides have? In our unit we highlighted the following topics:

  • Albany PlanAmerican Revolution Unit
  • Sugar and Molasses Acts
  • Pontiac’s Rebellion
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Stamp Act
  • Sons of Liberty
  • Boston Massacre
  • Notable Men of Boston
  • Townshend Acts
  • Tea Act
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Intolerable Acts
  • First Continental Congress
  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

American Revolution Note-Taking Booklet

U.S. States and Capitals 100+ page Packet

You might also be interested in our USA States and Capitals Packet We’ve been studying/reviewing the US states as we delve into American history this year.  This 100-page packet is $7.99.  You can find out more at this post.

$7.99 U.S.A. States and Capitals Packet

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.

USA States and Capitals Packet

US States and Capitals Activity - Texas Utah US States and Capitals Packet

$6.99 Age of Exploration Packet – (70-pages) This packet covers the voyages of the early explorers (1400-1550) including Dias, da Gama, Columbus, Cabot, Vespucci, Ponce de Leon, Balboa, Cortes, Magellan, Pizarro, de Soto, Coronado, Verrazono, Cartier, Drake and others. It also includes a few notebook pages about the Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations. This packet includes notebook pages (both student and teacher/full-text pages) as well as worksheets, timeline cards and maps. Visit the Post. View image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5, image 6, image 7, image 8

Age of Exploration Unit - Worksheets Notebook Pages Age of Exploration Map Worksheets Age of Exploration - Worksheets on the explorers Maya Aztec Inca Civilizations - Worksheets and Notebook Pages Age of Exploration Unit

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