Celebrate Wildflower Week!

Did you know this week, May 2-8, 2016 is National Wildflower Week?

You might want to visit the U.S. Forest Service Website: Celebrating Wildflowers and their Special Features Page. They have beautiful posters and resources available (free).

Okay, so only some of these flowers below are actually wildflowers. It’s not a great idea to pick wildflowers if you don’t know the regulations of your region, but we found some gorgeous flowers around our yard and used them for the craft below.

IMG_4895FlowersCelebrating Wildflowers emphasizes:

The aesthetic value of plants – a field of wildflowers is a beautiful sight
The recreational value of plants – picking berries is fun for the whole family
The biological value of plants – native plants support other life
The medicinal value of plants – chemicals from plants help combat sickness
The economic value of plants – plant material such as floral greens are commercially valuable
The conservation of native plants – protecting and maintaining native plant habitat

You can download your own free Wildflower Poster  (pictured below):

There’s another beautiful poster called Celebrating Wildflowers – Ethnobotany

CelebratingWildflowers-by-Steve BuchananTeacher Resources for Celebrating Wildflowers Week.

 There are also hundreds of celebrating wildflower coloring pages you can print out for the kids:


 It’s been a long time since we made pressed flower cards. We did this a lot when the kids were tots, but they still really enjoyed this project:


We spent quite a while looking all over our yard for flowers:


 To make a pressed flower card, just arrange the flowers between two sheets of paper, cover with a towel (especially if your child is younger because the paper can tear if they hammer to over-zealously), open and remove the flower residue.


 The girls loved making these cards and quickly ran in to write messages for their best friends!


Do you have a favorite flower craft you recommend to celebrate wildflower week?

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