Free PreK or K Math Sheets

ED loves math time right now and is whipping through all the sheets she can get her hands on. I haven’t found any math books or workbooks that suits her needs, so I’ve been creating things for her. Here’s one I made for her last weekend. I printed it out and put it in her workbox for when she asks for math time. They include a phone, fall leaves, acorns, puppies and things like that! I’m also trying to work with her on memorizing her phone number—thus the little cell phone you see below!

For the past few months we’ve been chanting by 10s each evening when she brushes her teeth, so she can count orally 10, 20, 30, etc.   She’s only just now working on writing those.

She normally does a bit of math, some reading and some writing (copywork or handwriting pages) each day. Plus, she does the hands-on experiments and activities we’re doing in science or history.

If you think your child (or students) can use these just click on the link below.

 Free PreK or K Math Sheets


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