The Blog-Life Balance – What You Read Doesn’t Come Close to the Whole Picture!

Every now and then I feel compelled to point out that our blog shows just the smallest snippet of our life. Sometimes we have great things going on, sometimes we’re just doing run-of-the-mill stuff and sometimes we’re overloaded with social commitments and activities. Life has been pretty hectic and crazy the past couple of weeks, especially with Hubby out of town. I’ve/we’ve been going full speed between school, activities, and play dates (because our friends have been off for much of the past two weeks). I always get a chuckle when people who don’t ask us carefully ask, “what about socialization?” when they find out that we homeschool. If anything, I have to be careful to keep our schedule from becoming too overbooked. I think I failed on that account these past couple of weeks.

Here’s what we’ve done the past week or so: 4 separate play dates, gymnastics practices for LD five days a week (normally 3 days, but he had an extra practice and a mock meet over the weekend), 2 gymnastics practices per week for ED, 2 bike rides for DD (for about 45 minutes while I run alongside her through the neighborhoods while the others are in gymnastics), Girl Scouts for DD, art class for DD and LD, homeschool swim lessons for all three kids, children’s choir for LD, a trek to the library and a couple other things. And with so many people coming over, I even managed to vacuum a couple of times (we have a cat and a dog so we get a LOT of fur build up in just a couple of days) and to do some other mundane household chores so I wouldn’t be horrendously embarrassed with company over. 🙂

Can you believe we didn’t eat any meals out? (Hooray for the crock pot. Did you know you could throw frozen ravioli and sauce into your crock pot and it’ll cook-away and be done when you return a couple hours later??!! My friend just taught me that and we made it that way one day last week.)

As for school? We did do half-days (if not more) every day even though the public schools were off. But with Hubby away most of last week, I really wasn’t able to do much planning and preparation for school until this evening (Monday evening). I’ve been itching to continue on with our Egypt unit, but haven’t had the time to sink our teeth into it (we’ve been focusing on science and German in particular the past couple of weeks). I haven’t have much time for blogging either… I usually blog a week or so in advance, but not this past week. I do have a math packet I can probably share in the next day or so…but I’ll have to see if I can squeeze that into the schedule!

So all that is to say that life has been busy, active, socially overbooked, but reasonably productive.

Hope you have a great day!

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