ie ei Words – Worksheets and Activities

This new activity packet will help your kids practice those tricky IE and EI words! It includes various activities, games and worksheets!

This ie/ei Word Activity Packet includes more than 50 words to practice. It includes IE words such as friend, believe, cashier, siege, relieve, efficient, glaciers, yield and achieve. And it includes EI words such as receive, deceit, ceiling, receipt, foreign, protein, eight, beige, sleigh, neighbors and others.

ie ei worksheets games and activites for spellling practice

IE and EI words can be really challenging!  There are more exceptions to the well-known rule “I before E, except after C” than there are words that follow that rule!

In fact, in this Washington Post article, a University of Warwick statistician named Nathan Cunningham decided to put the i-before-e rule to the test. He found that there is a three to one chance that the “i” will go first both for regular words AND when following a “c”!! The name of that article? “The ‘i before e, except after c’ rule is a giant lie” I think that says it all, right?!!

So, there are words like receipt, deceive and ceiling… but also words like science, society, efficient and glacier!! English is a tough language, right?!

IE EI Games and Activities: I created a set of ie and ei worksheets and activities for my kids to practice these challenging words!  There is a colored version with clipart and a black/white version with no clipart provided in this spelling packet.

I generally have my daughter sort out all of the words using the IE EI sorting mat on her own. Then I’ll join her and play some IE EI games.

ie ei Word Activities and GamesIE/EI Word Board Game:  To play the board game, we took turns reading a word while the other person wrote it down. If they spelled the word correctly, that player move her token to the next space with that letter combination on the board.  If that space had a number on it, she moved forward that number (or backward). The first person to the end won!

ie ei Spelling Activities

Because these are tricky words, I’ve had my older two play rounds with ED (my youngest).  All of us (including Dad!) have gotten a couple of words wrong here and there while playing the games, so it’s been good practice for the entire family!

My kids always beg to play “just one more round,” so we always get a lot of spelling practice in with these spelling activities! 🙂

ie ei Worksheets: There are some IE EI word worksheets where students have to choose the correct spelling. Answer sheets are provided.

ie ei word worksheetsI also included IE EI worksheets where students have to write in the correct vowel team:

ie and ei worksheets

NOTE: This set does not cover all the spellings of the Long I Sound (such as y, i_e, ie, igh, ind, or i). We have a separate packet for that (see more details below!). This packet covers just IE and EI words.

Be sure to check out the new Spelling BUNDLE option too. It’s also being offered at a special price!! 🙂

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to email me! ~Liesl

IE EI Word Worksheets, Games and Activities


$3.00 ie ei Words – Worksheets, Activities & Games

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ie ei worksheets games and activites for spellling practice

As many of you know, we have used (and loved) All About Spelling (affiliate link) for years!  ED (my youngest) is slowly making her way through the series. (My older two used this series as well!)

The spelling program we use:(proud affiliate for this amazing company)

Here is a bit more about our Spelling Packets!Spelling Activities and Games

Spelling BUNDLE Page (Glance through pictures of all of the spelling games/activities listed below)

$4.00 Long A Sound and Long I Sound Word Sorts and Games (plus the bonus packet: Word Sorts for Activities for r-wr and n-kn)

$3.00 Long E Sound Word Sort and Games

$3.00  Long O Sound Word Sort and Games

$3.00 ow ou oy oi aw au Word Sort Activities and Games

$3.00 /er/ Sound Word Sort and Games

$3.00 /k/ Sound Word Sort Activities and Games (c, k, ck, ch, cc, que – spellings)

$3.00 /ul/ Sound: Word Sort and Activities for words ending in -le -el -al -il -ol -ile

$3.00 ie ei Words – Worksheets, Activities & Games for words spelled ie (such as piece, chief, yield, ancient, science, glacier, goalie) and words spelled with ei (such as receive, beige, foreign, ceiling, receipt and more!)

$3.00 Plurals – Worksheets, Activities & Games for adding -s or -es to create plurals. Plus, there are activities for practicing irregular spellings & words that change from f to v.

$18.99 Spelling BUNDLE – Buy all of the packets listed above (and any that I create in the future). The Spelling Bundle includes: 1. Long A & Long I Packet 2. Long E Packet 3. The new Long O Packet 4. ou/ow oy/oi au/aw Packet 5. /er/ Sound Packet 6. /k/ Sound Packet 7. /ul/ Sound Packet 8. ie/ei Words Packet 9. Plurals – add -s or -es Visit the Spelling BUNDLE page for more details!

Here are more pictures of the Spelling Word Sort & Activities:

Remember, the Long A and Long I Word Sort & Activities are included in the same packet along with a bonus activity that covers words that are spelled with wr – r and words that are spelled with kn – n.


Long i Words spelled ie y i-e igh y ActivitiesWords spelled wr - r or kn - n - Word Sorts Activities and Games

Long E-Sound Word Sort Activities and Games



hard K-sound with spellings c, k, ck, ch, cc and que.

  • Words that use a c such as cat, scalp, cabin, picnic
  • Words that use a k such as kite, sink, rake, king, milk, make, bark
  • Words that use ck such as thick, neck, luck, pick, stick, ticket
  • Words that use ch such as school, chorus, stomach, echo, chaos, monarch
  • Words that use cc such as account, broccoli, hiccup, occupy, tobacco
  • Words that use que such as plaque, technique, mosquito, and quesadilla


/ul/ sound words spelled -le -el -al -il -ol -ile

word patterns and rules for words that end with le, el, al, il, ol, and ile.

  • le words: people, struggle, little, table, available, article, terrible, etc.
  • el words: level, model, hotel, travel, channel, fuel, novel, etc.
  • al words: local, sandal, general, material, hospital, animal, etc.
  • il words: until, pupil, civil, pencil, fossil, basil, etc.
  • ol words: control, alcohol, symbol, petrol, cholesterol, etc.
  • ile words: while, smile, missile, fragile, fertile, agile, etc.

L-Sound Words - le el al il ol ile - Worksheets Activities and Games

Plurals – Activities and Games This set works on adding -s or -es to form plurals. Plus, there are some sorting cards & a game board for practicing some of the irregular plurals or words that change from f to v.

Plurals Spelling Games and ActivitiesPlurals - Irregular Words or Changing f to v

You might also be interested in our Consonant Blend BUNDLE:

$5.99 Consonant Blend Worksheets Games and Activities (Bundle of 3 pdfs). Includes Set 1 (L-Blends such as bl, cl, gl, fl and pl, 20 pages) 2 (R-Blends such as br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, 30 pages) and (S-Blends such as sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw).  See more details here for L-Blends and here for R-Blends and here for S-Blends or you can check out the Quick Preview here.

Consonant Blend BUNDLE - L-BLends R-Blends S-Blends

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