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When my kids were younger, they loved hunting for various animal tracks along the creek that runs through our backyard. I made some Animal Track Activities for the kids when they were studying animals.

This is just one of the activities in our 100+ page Animal Unit. 🙂

Animal-Track-ActivitiesBelow my youngest daughter was doing the animal track matching page. She was using the animal track cards to help out!Animal-Track-ActivityClick here to save this on Pinterest

Animal Track Activities - Animal Unit

My kids – and especially my girls, loved studying animals through the years, so this Animal Unit has a wide variety of activities! Below are some of the other activities in the Animal Packet:

After covering animal tracks, you can go on to study animal homes and shelters:

Animal Homes and Shelters - Where do animals live worksheets
Earlier this year, I added in a mini-unit on nocturnal animals that would also work well with the Animal Track activities:

Nocturnal Animal Quick Study - Opossums Raccoons Skunks Beavers

The 100+ Page Animal Unit covers

  • Animal Body Coverings – feathers, fur, scales, skin
  • Vertebrates vs. Invertebrates
  • Types of Animals and Animal Characteristics – In this section, we go over some of the traits common to mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish (ie. having a backbone, being warm (or cold) blooded, feeding their young with milk, laying eggs… etc. etc.)
  • Types of Animal cut-and-paste activity (below)
  • “What Am I?” Identify worksheet
  • Basic Animal Classification Activity
  • Types of Animals – Exceptions! — Did you know that the platypus is a mammal that lays eggs?  This notebook page talks about some exceptions to traits discussed above
  • Insects vs. spiders
  • Invertebrate groups — and their characteristics (legs, no legs, antenna or no antenna, etc.)
  • Animal Tracks Activities: including Animal and their Tracks Montessori 3-part cards (which you can use to play a “Memory Game” – placing all the cards face down and trying to pick out matches); also animal and their tracks matching pages
  • Wild vs. Domesticated Animals – Sorting Cards; Notebook Pages
  • Nocturnal vs. Diurnal Animals – Sorting Cards, identification page, and activities
  • Whose Tongue? – Fun identification page, notebook page

Below you’ll find few more screenshots of what is included:

Vertebrate - invertebrate Montessori Cards


Classification of Animals Activity and Worksheets - Vertebrates-Invertebratesherbivore carnivore omnivore sorting cards and sorting matHere is the Animal Packet Quick Preview

The price of this packet is $5.99. This packet is included in our Big Animal BUNDLE if you plan to go into even more depth. The Big Animal Bundle includes World Animals Unit, Rainforest Unit, Winter Unit (Arctic vs. Antarctic, Polar Animals, Hibernation Unit), and the Life Cycles Packet. Again, see more details about the Big Animal Bundle here. ?

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Animal Unit


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