Free Spring Homeschool Planning Pages

I am excited to share with you some bran-new spring planning pages. They’ve been add to our free 150+page Homeschool Planner!

Over spring break, I’ve been doing a bit of homeschool organization. Not only have I gone through out books and pulled out things to donate, but also I printed out new pages for my homeschool planner and have been spending time planning out the last 6 or 7 weeks of our homeschool year. It’s amazing how many things crop up this time of year!

I made some new Spring Homeschool Planning Pages and added them to our (free) Homeschool Planner.  I wanted to share these with you today. 🙂 You’ll find these on pages 129 to 147 of our free Homeschool Planner and Discovery Journal.

Free Spring Homeschool Planning PagesYou can see that these pages are variations on the pages in the Homeschool Planner:

Free Homeschool Planner

Note: In order to share new edits/changes to this packet, I am making it available (free) through SendOwl, the delivery service I use. When you click the link below, you will see a pop-up box that says “Your order is free.” Once you type in your email address, the download link will appear.  You will also receive an email from SendOwl which says “Homeschool Den Purchaseeven though it is free!!! This is an automatically generated email that gives you the download link.


Click here (or the picture above) for the FREE Homeschool Planner and Discovery Journal. Remember, you’ll find the latest spring planning pages on pages 129 to 147.

Remember to check your email address for the download link. Again, the email may say Homeschool Den Purchase (even though it is free!!)

Other pages that are included in our Free Homeschool Planner:

Homeschool Discovery Journal

homeschool planner free Homeschool Planner

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SubscribeBy the way, I usually print out various calendar pages to add into my Homeschool Planner. I’ll print out both the full page and then one page that has 8-per page so I can see the semester at a glance.  Our free calendar now goes through August of 2020 (so it includes 20 months or so)

Free 2019-2020 Calendar Printable

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You might be interested in some of the free homeschool conference resources I shared recently:

Homeschool Curriculum Units

We have lots of different unit studies. Among our most popular these days are our Earth Science and Biology Units

Earth's Major Systems - Atmosphere Geosphere Hydrosphere Biosphere

We ♥LOVE♥ hands-on activities (Did you see this post with TONS of hands-on activities pics?), so most of our units include photos of the hands-on activities we did. For example, the Earth Science Unit has more than a dozen activities from convection currents and plate tectonics to creating a gelatin volcano and more!

and our Human Body Bundle

Again, each of these units include hands-on activity ideas that we did to help make the units come alive for the kids! Skeletal System, Digestive System, Circulatory System, etc.

Human Body Systems BUNDLE
Our Cell Unit is also really popular (It is included in the Human Body Bundle, but it also gets a lot of purchases on its own!!) This unit is now over 100 pages!

Cell Packet - Cell Unit Homeschool Curriculum
Plant Cells Worksheets

Cell Worksheets
We have three new environmental studies packets coming out this spring. I just released the Water Cycle Unit! It includes worksheets and notebook pages, a booklet and interactive notebook pages. It also includes water cycle posters as well as an activity for kids to determine how much water their family uses each day. This packet covers all the basic terms about the water cycle. I wanted to be sure the kids knew not only the common words like evaporation, condensation and precipitation, but also the trickier words like sublimation, transpiration and knew the difference between infiltration and percolation. This water cycle packet also covers groundwater, aquifers and wells.
Water Cycle Unit - Worksheets Notebook Pages and Activities Water Cycle Booklet We have lots of different history units too… from
We have quite a number of freebies. Our grammar worksheets get lots and lots hits

Don’t miss these units. They are currently free!

Natural Disasters Worksheets

Natural Disasters Interactive Notebook Pages
Free Solar System Unit for Kids - Solar System ActivitiesI’m always creating new content, so be sure to check by frequently. For example, I’ll be sharing several new Environmental Studies packets soon… on the 1) Water Cycle, 2) Trash & Recycling and 3) Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy.  My daughter was working on the Trash & Recycling Booklet last week, but I’m not quite ready to share that (though depending on when you read this, it might already be in Our Store!)

Homeschool Teaching Strategies: If you are interested in a huge list of hands-on activities and homeschool teaching strategies, be sure to grab this free printable!
Hands-On Activity Ideas - Homeschool Teaching StrategiesAnd remember to grab this free Homeschool Planning Guide – For planning out your homeschool year (It’s different than the Homeschool Planner above!)
Free Homeschool Planning Guide - Homeschool Planner

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