Water Cycle Unit – Worksheets Notebook Pages & Activities!

Water Cycle Unit - Worksheets Notebook Pages and ActivitiesThis 50+ page Water Cycle Unit has a number of activities for learning all about the water cycle. It has notebook pages, a printable booklet and other activities for learning evaporation, condensation, transpiration, precipitation,  sublimation,  infiltration, percolation and more!

This is the first of three Environmental Units I’m doing with the kids.

Water Cycle Booklet: My daughter started this unit coloring and working on this Water Cycle booklet. It covers basic information about the water cycle and covers the major terms such as evaporation, transpiration, sublimation, condensation and so forth.  Water Cycle BookletWater Cycle Notebook Pages:We then went over a water cycle notebook page. We read that together and the kids filled in the missing words. Another day we went over the vocabulary worksheets to make sure the kids knew not only the common words like evaporation, condensation and precipitation, but also the trickier words like sublimation, transpiration and knew the difference between infiltration and percolation. We also went over watersheds and divides.

Water Cycle Notebook Pages and Worksheets

Water Cycle Interactive Notebook Activity:ED did an interactive notebook activity. If your kids don’t want to do the activity, you can print out the notebook page and write in the missing terms (evaporation, transpiration, sublimation, condensation, precipitation and so forth).

Water Cycle Interactive Notebook Activity

Note: There are some printable Water Cycle posters provided at the end of the packet:

Water Cycle PostersPrecipitation: We spent some time talking about the major forms or precipitation – rain, hail, snow, sleet and graupel. Yes, that’s a strange word, but we learned that graupel forms when supercooled water droplets are collected and freeze on falling snowflakes.

Again, there are a number of different options you can choose from in the Water Cycle Packet. There’s a notebook page, a cut-and-paste page (the one with the droplets in the lower left) and a mini-booklet (again, your kids can use the descriptions provided if they want):Precipitaiton Worksheet Notebook Page Booklet Activity

Groundwater, Aquifers: Finally, we spent some time talking about groundwater, aquifers and wells. There is a definition page and also a couple of notebook pages (or your kids can read the reference pages provided).

Water Cycle - Groundwater Aquifers WellsFinally, have your students determine how much water their family uses each day:

Water Usage ActivityClick here to save this on Pinterest:

Water Cycle Unit - worksheets notebook pages on the water cycle groundwater aquifers Homeschool Curriculum

This is the first of three new Environmental Studies Units that I’m doing with the kids. (We’re also doing Trash & Recycling and then will finish up with Renewable/Nonrenewable Energy & the Carbon Cycle.)

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I hope you enjoy the Water Cycle Unit! 🙂

Water Cycle Unit Quick Preview

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Water Cycle Unit


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Water Cycle Unit - Worksheets Notebook Pages and Activities

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P.S. We already learned about States of Matter: Solids, Liquids and Gases before we did this unit. We learned about the changes in states of matter and did quite a number of hands-on activities about sublimation and deposition.  You can do lots of hands-on activities with dry ice to help your kids understand those tricky terms!

This is a 50+ page States of Matter Packet and you can find more details here:


Changing States of Matter worksheets and notebook pages

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