Things Are a Little Hard Today

Do you have bad days? Do they keep you from having “good” homeschool days?  I think we all do.  Sometimes we need to acknowledge that life can bring us emotional hurdles that interfere with the homeschooling part of life. So, what derailed my day? My Hubby called and said he was in a car accident this morning. He’s fine (just sore) and so is everyone else, but those things just rattle you soundly, right?

And then, our beloved dog, Boomer, has had continual health problems the past couple of months, but things have been very bad the past few days… and especially today. She has masses growing on her backside that we noticed at the end of last week. (Different from the weird wound she had  on her back a few weeks ago.) The vet said yesterday that she is worried that they are cancerous.

Today some of those tumor/wounds started bleeding a lot. Also today poor Boomer started vomiting.  She has at least a dozen sores around her mouth… whereas a couple of days ago there were half that number. (I’ll spare you the oozing, bloody tumor/wounds on her backside, but these are the mouth wounds I was talking about. The picture on the left was taken a month ago, the other is from today… I just sent various pics to the vet so they can keep on top of things. Lucky for us, we have an *amazing* vet that we take Boomer to.)

BoomerSo, she’s been going downhill pretty fast the past few days. She’s been in and out of the vet, but no diagnosis yet.

Anyway, I feel guilty for once again telling the kids to just go do stuff on their own while I’ve been on the phone or dealing with Boomer. 🙁

We all have days like that.  Lots to be grateful for, but sometimes other things crop up that put a wrench into things.

Hope your homeschooling is going along okay. Take care of yourself along the way!


Update: The vet called and is quite concerned so Boomer will be having surgery tomorrow.

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  1. Angie says:

    Couldn’t read and run. So sorry to read of Boomer’s decline in health. Sending love from Down Under x

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