S-Blend Worksheets and Activities

 S-Blend Worksheets, Games and Activities

This 40+ page S-Blend Activity Packet includes various worksheets, games and activities!  This S-Blend Worksheet and Activity Packet is the final set in the Consonant Blends Bundle. The other packets covered L-Blends and R-Blends.

S-Blend Worksheets Games and Activities Packet

This set focuses on the S-Blends such as sc sk sl sm sn sp st and sw. There are practice worksheets that include tracing, write in the consonant blends (sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw), write in the words, and cut-and-paste activities.

S-Blend Worksheets

This packet helps kids practice S-Blend words starting with SC SK SL SM SN SP ST and SW.  These include words such as

  • scale scarf scoop scuba scarecrow
  • skate skeleton ski skirt skull skunk
  • sled sleep sleeve slide slime slug
  • small smock smoke smile smell smash
  • snow sneaker snake snail snap
  • spider sponge spoon sports space spy
  • stable stick sting stem stool steam
  • sweep sweater swirl sweat swat

This packet includes sorting cards and sorting mats. Plus, there are bingo cards, board games, and games to play with a spinner.  At the end of this packet, you’ll also find some review games to play with all of the blends provided in this bundle (board games to review the L-Blends,  R-Blends and S-Blends)

Consonant Blend Games and Activities - S-BlendsYou take the materials outside for even more active fun! 🙂 My kids loved when we did learning activities outside.  You can play freeze tag with the picture cards. The kids have to run away from you and keep from being frozen, but if the kids can identify the consonant blend, then they can continue to run free!).  You can tape the consonant blends to a garage door, have the kids pick a card and then try to throw a ball and hit the blend the chose. Or, you can do something similar indoors, but have the kids toss a stuffed animal into a laundry basket with the correct blend.  You might bring out the plastic Easter eggs, fill them with blend cards and hide them outside or around the house. Have the kids find the eggs and then sort them into the correct blends.  The more active and engaging I made activities like these… the more excited and engaged my kids were! 🙂  I’m sure you’ll come up with even more create ways to use the cards and materials provided! 🙂

S-Blend Activities - Fun with BlendsThe S-Blend Packet is part of a Consonant Blend BUNDLE of 3.  You will receive all 3 pdfs – the S-Blend, L-Blend and R-Blend Packets, with your purchase.

The L-Blend Packet is about 20 pages. The R-Blend Packet is 30+ pages.  The S-blend Packet is over 40 pages. You will receive a link to download all 3 pdfs with your purchase.

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Consonant Blend BUNDLE - S-Blend R-Blend L-Blend Word Sorts and Activities

The  Consonant Blends Bundle is  $5.99

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Consonant Blend Set (includes the L-Blend, R-Blend AND S-Blend worksheets and activities)


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$3.00 Plurals – Worksheets, Activities & Games for adding -s or -es to create plurals. Plus, there are activities for practicing irregular spellings & words that change from f to v.

$18.99 Spelling BUNDLE – Buy all of the packets listed above (and any that I create in the future). The Spelling Bundle includes: 1. Long A & Long I Packet 2. Long E Packet 3. ou/ow oy/oi au/aw Packet 4. /er/ Sound Packet 5. /k/ Sound Packet 6. /ul/ Sound Packet 7. ie/ei Words Packet 8. Plurals – add -s or -es Spelling Packets – Quick Preview

$1.50 Fairy Tale Writing Paper – pages for Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks, and Frankenstein. My kids really enjoyed re-writing these classic fairy tales and putting their own twist on things! ?

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Cupcake Contractions – and worksheets (Free)

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