Thankful Leaves Writing Printable (Free)

I came across this really pretty fall clipart and the kids (and I!!) fell in love with it. We purchased it and decided to use them in our writing workshop.  My printer’s out of ink, but we’ll get to it soon.

I have two pages of the same image in case anyone wants to print 2 per page.  And, if anyone wants me to tweak this in any way (to say something different across the top) it’s easy enough to do. Just send me a note and I happy to make these fit your needs. 🙂

Hope someone else can use these! ~Liesl

Thankful Leaves Printable

Thankful-Leaf-Printable-hsdWriting Workshop Story Idea: On another note, DD and I were talking last week and together came up with a fun story idea for our writing workshop.  The general gist is: When you are at a waterfall, you go behind the waterfall and realize you have entered a new world.  (I know I should phrase this better, but I’m tired and my brain isn’t working!!)  The kids all were excited about this story idea and we’ve been working on these in our writing workshop the past several days.

Here’s an excuse to include these pretty waterfalls we visited a year or so ago!


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