40 Journal Writing Prompts (Free Printable)

In a blog post a few weeks ago, I talked about why we use the writing workshop and how it works. But this year, I also added in Journal Prompt Writing  as part of their checklist of things to do.  Here’s why.  ED started writing with us right from the start (even before she officially started kindergarten.) She enjoys writing, but her “stories” are always about a cat (or dog or bat…) going on various adventures.  I love that she is so invested in her stories, but there’s no variation on that theme!!

I wrote up a series of journal prompts to have her branch out to other topics.  I have DD also answer the prompt of the day because she *loves* to write. And, I have LD answer these to have him practice writing on a given topic (now that he doesn’t object so strenuously to this type of assignment… It used to be that something like this would shut him down and he would have absolutely nothing to write about.)

The way it’s worked out this fall, the kids do between 1-3 journal prompts each week, but we do our writing workshop *every* school day. You can find out more about our Writing Workshop here: Writing Workshop and What We’re Doing for Writing This Fall

To download the prompts, just click on the link or picture below:

Free Journal Writing Prompts


I also highly recommend the Amazing Writing Prompts – Homeschool Edition. (affiliate link)  This e-book was written by a fellow homeschool Mom. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago and my daughter *LOVES* these prompts at the moment!! She’s doing several a day.


You might be interested in this new 35-page Writing Resource Packet: 5 Tips for Helping Kids to Write

Writing Homeschool

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