Writing Activity to Spark Kids’ Imagination!

This writing activity captured the imagination of my kids and definitely tapped into their creative sides!

When we had a warmer day, we took our writing workshop outside.  I always try to wrap our activities in an air of mystery to try to build the kids’ curiosity and anticipation.  They were pretty excited about this one!

The kids grabbed their writing journals and I then handed them each part of a brick of modeling clay from the dollar store.  Their directions?  To go out into the woods and create a creature that they could write about… Then to sit down with their journals and write for a while.  I didn’t even need to say “GO” before the kids were running off!



The kids were gone for close to 45 minutes before they were ready to share their creatures and their stories! DD’s story was 5 pages long!  They did a good job and were pretty excited to share their stories that evening with Hubby too!



If you do this activity, we’d love to hear from you over at our Homeschool Den Facebook page!

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