Free Minecraft Math Game Board (For Any Math Practice)

I have kids who are doing different kinds of math, so I wanted a gameboard that would work for all of them. You can use this game board for any kind of math practice — addition, number recognition, fractions, multiplication problems… anything!

Let me show you what the game board looks like:


First print out the gameboard and 3-4 copies of the blank cards on cardstock.

Next, you need to make cards for your students:  Use the cards to make up any problems your student is working on (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, number recognition, etc.) 

To Play: Start on any “Start” space. Each player takes a turn taking a card from the pile and solving the problem. Move that number of spaces clockwise around the board. (Someone who solves 9+5 would move ahead 14 spaces.)  If the numbers are too large or the answers are fractions or decimals, you can put a value on the card down in the corner…  “Move 3 spaces”  like this…


Anytime I bring out a game board, we’re guaranteed to play at least 3 or 4 rounds… meaning lots of math practice!  Now the part you’ve been waiting for… Here’s the link to download this for your kids free.

 Click here to download the Minecraft Math Game Board and Blank Cards


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