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Free Skip Counting Mazes – Minecraft Themed

As many of you know, my kids love the game, Minecraft. I’ve made a number of math worksheets for them this year with various Minecraft images I’ve drawn.  This is a latest Minecraft-themed freebie… a set of skip counting mazes I made for the ED. She is just beginning to work on multiplication and still practices skip counting.  In this packet there are 9 mazes for practicing skip counting by...


Free Minecraft Math Game Board (For Any Math Practice)

I have kids who are doing different kinds of math, so I wanted a gameboard that would work for all of them. You can use this game board for any kind of math practice — addition, number recognition, fractions, multiplication problems… anything! Let me show you what the game board looks like: First print out the gameboard and 3-4 copies of the blank cards on cardstock. Next, you need to...


Multiplication & Division Pages with a Minecraft Theme

Are you looking for some Minecraft math worksheets for multiplication & division practice?  You’ll like these Minecraft themed practice sheets I made for the kids!!  The kids filled out these pages (along with their other math work) last week. There are 2 pages. These are free to download if anyone else has a Minecraft fan in their household! Multiplication Division Worksheets with a Minecraft Theme This year we’ve shared a number of Minecraft math...