Minecraft Themed Addition Worksheets with Regrouping – Subtraction Pages

ED is working on her addition facts and regrouping. I made these Minecraft Addition and Subtraction Worksheets for her this week. They are free to download if your kids can use them!

Minecraft Addition and Subtraction Practice Worksheets


If your kids aren’t into Minecraft, I also made these same sheets with some cute little Pokemon characters I drew a couple of years ago. There are two pages of these as well, free of course.

Math Addition Practice Hundreds with Regrouping and SubtractionProblems


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A word about the Minecraft images in these worksheets… I wanted you all to know that I corresponded with Mojang (the company that created Minecraft) to make sure it was okay to share worksheets with these images that I drew.  They said it was okay to share them free here on my blog. This is not to imply in any way that this is an endorsement from their company, but I only mention this so you know I am not violating any copyright laws by using the creeper, ocelot, and other images on these worksheets.

I also have a large Minecraft packet that I shared with the people who first signed up for my newsletter.  I’ll be sharing that again at some point (through the newsletter), though to be honest I’ve been lousy about getting a newsletter email out because life has been so busy.  I’ve had so much work behind the scenes the past few months with my move from Parents to my new location here. At some point, I’ll be more regular about that, but that’s how it goes for a busy homeschool Mom, right?!!  But, I will try to share that packet with my newsletter subscribers reasonably soon (or if you drop me an email that’ll nudge me to do that sooner than later — lol!!)

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