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Christmas Addition – Subtraction Worksheets (Minecraft, Pete the Cat, etc!)

Today I wanted to share some of the free Christmas-themed addition and subtraction materials I’ve made for the kids over the years. Here are some basic addition worksheets. These are for kids still working on their basic addition facts: Christmas Pets Addition Practice Worksheets Last year, my kids were especially wild about Minecraft.  ED asked for some Christmas Creeper practice pages… It seemed easy enough to make, so I made...


Minecraft Themed Addition Worksheets with Regrouping – Subtraction Pages

ED is working on her addition facts and regrouping. I made these Minecraft Addition and Subtraction Worksheets for her this week. They are free to download if your kids can use them! Minecraft Addition and Subtraction Practice Worksheets If your kids aren’t into Minecraft, I also made these same sheets with some cute little Pokemon characters I drew a couple of years ago. There are two pages of these as...