Cute Pet Shop Coin Game – Free Printable

Jenn over at Finally in First made a fabulous game a few years ago called the Pet Shop Coin Game.

We used the cards and the spinner I shared last week to play some games that my girls just loved! First, we each chose two pets to we wanted to “buy.” We took turns spinning the spinner and collecting coins. We added them up as we went, making sure we had enough for our animals. We played cooperatively (not as a competitive game) – sharing coins when we needed them. ED and I played this several times last week.


When DD joined us I brought out $1.00 bills.  ED chose a pet to buy and handed DD a $1. Then DD made change for ED. This was more complicated when ED bought several items. ED had to count the change to make sure she got back the right amount of change. When DD accidentally handed back too much, we had a great conversation about why you need to return the money and tell them they handed back too much change. 🙂

Here are some of the things the girls could “buy” in Jenn’s Pet Shop Coin Game (dogs, cats, birds, snakes, pet food, aquariums and more).


We used the spinner I shared last week, but Jenn also has a printable die that you can make if you print it out on cardstock. Finally in First: Pet Shop Coin Game


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