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Free Coin Counting File Folder Game 0

Coin Counting File Folder Game

Do your kids know how to count coins?  Today’s printable will help them practice this skill!  Use the printable coin cards either to make a file folder game or as a memory game. It is currently FREE to download. 🙂 Younger kids in your family can use real coins and match them to the coin cards. (Be sure to supervise any children who might put coins in their mouths.) I...


Cute Pet Shop Coin Game – Free Printable

Jenn over at Finally in First made a fabulous game a few years ago called the Pet Shop Coin Game. We used the cards and the spinner I shared last week to play some games that my girls just loved! First, we each chose two pets to we wanted to “buy.” We took turns spinning the spinner and collecting coins. We added them up as we went, making sure we...


Coins, Coins, Coins! (Ages 4-6)

ED has been working on coins for math.  To be honest, sometimes things just don’t get accomplished unless I’ve taken some time before-hand to get things ready. Here are some activities I got together for her. I grabbed our coin bowl and made pre-made ziploc bags of coins for her to match.  There is one extra card for each packet. I placed five small ziploc bags with pre-counted amounts of coins...